Visit Costa de Oro beaches in Canelones Uruguay.

atlantida costa oro

Costa de Oro is the name given to a series of resorts, beaches and towns at east of Montevideo, in the Canelones, República Oriental del Uruguay. Until October 19, 1994 also included the integrated resorts that from that time the City of Costa. Since then, they are within the Costa de Oro resorts beaches and towns only found between the Pando river and the Solis Grande river, having as limit the Route 8 and Route 9.

The Uruguayan Costa de Oro is a favorite for local tourism and many foreign tourists who come looking for resorts and beaches away from the noise and turmoil. The beaches of the Costa de Oro have white sand and salt water, like the ocean, so are chosen by many tourists every summer. This tourist region covers 70 miles of coastline on the Rio de la Plata and almost thirty resorts and locations provided an average tourist infrastructure for middle class tourists. Top spas in the Uruguayan Costa de Oro: Atlantida.

It is one of the main and most important Uruguayan town in the Costa de Oro with some of the best beaches in the Rio de la Plata, also has important tourist places to visit, craft fairs for shopping, excellent restaurants, the Museum Neruda and Municipal Zoo, among other places. Costa Azul in The Uruguayan Costa de Oro, although the beaches are very crowded during the summer, Riviera is a spa break, with rugged landscapes and lush vegetation. At this spa is the Los Corralitos, preferred by fishermen croaker.

Among its attractions is the Paseo del Puente Viejo, Arroyo Sarandi on the Riviera Club and some restaurants. The Uruguayan Costa de Oro, La Floresta is a seaside resort with a long tradition and has some of the best beaches of the Costa de Oro Uruguayan.

It is a perfect place for a relaxing family holiday, surrounded by nature but with all urban comforts.
The waterfront promenade is one of the main attractions and forced to watch the sunset point.
You should also know the Sculpture Walk, the church and the former Hotel La Floresta.

Parque del Plata in The Uruguayan Costa de Oro is located along creek Solís Chico, Parque del Plata is one of the family resorts of the Costa de Oro, with a very populated beach with white dunes and attractive waterfront promenade. The bar area attracts fishermen and water sports enthusiasts.

The resort has beautiful buildings immersed in a peaceful natural setting. Blade High in The Uruguayan Costa de Oro endowed with all tourist services, Blade High has gained momentum in recent times, due to their particular beaches covered canyons that give it a unique landscape on the Costa de Oro it is a favorite for surfers, fishing points and water sports. It missed a visit to the riverside freshwater fishing.

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