Tourist Places in Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay: 8 places to visit

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Colonia del Sacramento was founded in 1680 by the Portuguese, the oldest city in Uruguay has in its historical treasures its main attraction, but not the only one.

The beauty of its colonial architecture and centuries-old streets of the famous Historic District, joins the beautiful landscape of the port, the beautiful beaches on the Rio de la Plata and the modern attractions of the city center, not counting breaks and stays Parks within the Department of Colonia.

To plan your itinerary without missing anything, we present the sights of Colonia del Sacramento to visit in this magical city.

8 places that you need visit in Colonia del Sacramento

Calle de los Suspiros (Street of Sighs) in Colonia: The most famous pedestrian city, in the heart of the Historic District, facing the river. The Portuguese houses originating in the eighteenth century, the lanterns and the old cobblestone paving wedge that makes it a place frozen in time, intimate, romantic and covered with legends.

Puerta de la Ciudadela (Citadel Gate) Colonia del Sacramento: Also called “Country Gate”, was opened in 1745, a period of great development for the then colonial town. It initiates the Historic District, and is framed by a strong, striking bridge and moat with stone pillars. One of the most representative postal Colonia del Sacramento.

Faro de Colonia (Lighthouse): Another emblem of the city, built in the nineteenth century to illuminate the craft on the River Plate. His light still works as a guide, but is best known today as heritage site and tourist attractions. Located in the Historic District of Colonia, near the ruins of the Convento San Francisco Xavier.

Casa del Gobernador (Governor’s House): A set of architectural remains in Colonia del Sacramento, also known as “Viceroy’s House”, as it is considered to belong to the governor of the Portuguese colony. These ruins were found in an excavation and are a valuable testimony of Lusitanian colonial times.

Bastion del Carmen: cultural center theater on an old fort on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. Here you can admire and enjoy art exhibits plays for the whole family. It is framed by a beautiful panoramic land.
Plaza de Toros (Bullring): Huge stadium opened in 1910 for bullfighting, closed in 1912 by the official ban on such activities. Although abandoned since then, you can still appreciate his colossal architecture and its great value in the history of the city. It is located in the Royal Quarter of San Carlos, a suburb away from the center of Colonia del Sacramento.

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Puerto de Colonia (Port of Colonia del Sacramento): With an intense activity of boats arriving from Argentina, the port is one of the favorite places to see the sunset on the island of San Gabriel.

From here you can see a wonderful panorama of the Bay Colony and its beaches. The calm waters allow to practice a wide variety of sports.

Beaches in Colonia: The landscape of the waterfront is one of the postcards of the city. During the warm months, the beautiful beaches in Colonia offer sunny days and refreshing bath river. Playa Honda, Ferrando, Las Delicias are the most visited.

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