Punta del Diablo in Rocha. One of the most beautiful beaches in Uruguay

punta del diablo rocha

Punta del Diablo in Rocha Uruguay is a community of artisans and fishermen who follow a lifestyle guided by the occurrence of the seasons and the tides. It is a place where is evident the possibility of harmonious coexistence between nature and social life of human beings.

The wonderful beaches of Punta del Diablo beach in Rocha, are framed into three formations, which integrate training similar to a trident and stretch along 10 kilometers of coastline.

As with other famous beaches of Uruguay, Punta del Diablo have two main beaches hwo are called La Brava and La Mansa. 

The first is a heavy swell and the second of quiet waters, for being protected from the ocean winds by a small bay. 

Playa Brava is located in the southwest and has waves that alter the pure blue sea with foam that dazzles with its whiteness. 

However, caution is needed to penetrate in the sea when visiting Punta del Diablo, and that is, to be an almost virgin territory, the waters of the site can become unpredictable.

Playa Mansa, on the other hand, is the most suitable for young travelers and family fun. Both beaches are projected as two different but complementary alternatives to have nice tourist experiences in Punta del Diablo.

Only 300 kilometers from Montevideo we move into a different environment than usual and wild resounding charm.
It is Punta del Diablo, in the Department of Rocha in Uruguay, one of the most visited of the uruguayan territory, for its numerous tourist destinations.
Punta del Diablo in Rocha Uruguay it is a town of fishermen and craftsmen who carry out everyday tasks, guided by the advent of different seasons and tidal succession.

To get to Punta del Diablo in Rocha Uruguay have to follow Route Interbalnearia to Punta del Este. At the height of the roundabout at kilometer 105, take the detour that leads to “Pan de Azucar”, which is given by the Route 9. Then, you should follow this same route to kilometer 298, where it appears the way to the entrance to Punta del Diablo.

Punta del Diablo in Rocha Uruguay is shaping up at the prospect of travelers, as a highly experienced primary, where he experienced firsthand the spell immeasurable sea. Here are meaningless items such as cell phones, or computers, nor have the luxury hotels or discos or nightclubs sophisticated. 

Spending a season in Punta del Diablo in Rocha Uruguay means, rather, to travel inside yourself to observe unknown facets of personality, reflected in a natural and innocent, wild and pure.

In Punta del Diablo you can rent a house or stay in few hotels by example La Viuda del Diablo hostel, Aquarella Hotel Resort, El Diablo Tranquilo Hostel and few more Hostel or Resorts

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