Nightlife in Punta del Este Uruguay

If you’re planning your upcoming vacations and want to visit a unique place with miles of beautiful beach sand and a slower paced lifestyle, look no further than Punta del Este, Uruguay. Here are three of the city’s most popular beaches and what to do at each one.
What to Do At Beach #1: Playa Mansa Playa Mansa is probably one of the most popular beaches in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
The water is nice and calm, which is perfect for families, but beware of the jellyfish! It’s possible to drive to the beach, but if you’re walking and don’t want to carry a lot of gear, it’s possible to rent umbrellas and chairs for around $5-10 USD. It’s warm enough to swim November through April and some lucky beachgoers might even spot a few whales far off in the distance. There are a number of restaurants, bars and shops surrounding Playa Mansa and visitors can enjoy different types of cuisine and shop for souvenirs such as shoes, clothing and crafts during a break from the sand and surf.
One of the most popular beverages is a clericot, a drink from Argentina made with rose wine and fruits such as bananas, peaches, oranges, apples, strawberries and lemon and orange juice. It’s similar to sangria and completely refreshing after a warm day at Playa Mansa!Punta del Este, Uruguay and its beaches are popular destinations for family vacations, Vacations with friends or even honeymoons. If you’re looking to visit somewhere with a relaxing lifestyle, yet a thriving nightlife scene, Punta del Este can be an excellent choice. While there’s plenty of other things to do, don’t forget these beaches.

Brava beach, near the peninsula of Punta del Este and the most popular.
With thicker than Mansa sand beach and with a strong and salty sea, beach Brava get people from the early hours of the day.
You can appreciate an amazing sunrise.
Like what happens to Mansa Beach, this beach has along its way eastward points massive concentration of bathers due to the presence of hostels among which are: Playa Brava, La Olla – the preferred the very young and surfers – Papa Charlie and La Plage, and among these large spaces almost empty.
Lately, the area closest access to the peninsula is called “fingers” due to a sculpture dating from the first international sculpture.
You can rent on this beach tents, umbrellas and lounge chairs.
In full summer season sporting events are organized: volley of pairs and a date World Surfing Championship, for example.

At the end, Punta del Este is one of the more popular resorts in South America and every year have more tourists and attractions for to enjoy in your summer vacations

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