La Paloma in Rocha Uruguay. Amazing beach to visit in Uruguay

La Paloma in Rocha Uruguay, is the largest resort on the Atlantic coast of the Republica Oriental del Uruguay, located at 240 km east of the capital, Montevideo, and 28 km from the departmental capital, Rocha.
la paloma beach rocha
Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Santa Maria, it’s a beach, with an area of approximately 20 km, currently represent the main tourist attraction in Uruguay.

La Paloma in Rocha Uruguay have a stunning beautiful pine forest promises rest and tranquility. It has sophisticated infrastructure. Is an appropriate place for a good rest, with a hotel, and rental houses very comfortable.

Favored by all that the sea offers handcrafted rides, the shows, the nightlife, casino, art, nature and environment much more guaranteed entertainment.You will feel at home among common people, they will make all for you to can have a great time in Rocha.

The sea, the beaches, the variety of scenarios that La Paloma offer us, satisfy the most demanding tastes. We discover from large arches and fine white sand, rocky beaches with natural pools and coarser sands, through the bays: big and small, ideal for sports like windsurfing.
The spa in La Paloma in Rocha Uruguay:

It presents very different options regarding their appearance. With the passage of time have gone into small “neighborhoods”, each with its own characteristics that distinguish them from others.

The Casco Viejo, also called “The Old Paloma”. Located at Cape Santa Maria, where the spa was developed from the construction of the lighthouse. It is a densely built, with houses of varying styles, and where we can still see some of the “boxes” of wood on stilts dating from the end of the century.

The spa center in La Paloma in Rocha Uruguay, develops around its main street: Avenue Nicholas Solari. There unfolds shopping area: restaurants, ice cream shops, casino, cinema, craft fairs, Cultural Center, etc.
This avenue has the distinction of running exactly from south to north. Its large central beds stage serve to provide various shows over the course of the season: theater, music, puppets, that can be seen there every night.
If you go to to the west of La Paloma in Rocha Uruguay you will find residential areas.’s Balconada have enough movement The Little Corporal, although quieter than before.
Homes of various styles, enjardinadas, are these two neighborhoods.

Then we will find Los Botes, and Anaconda. Neighborhoods are very quiet, wooded areas and distant from downtown.
Continuing west, the view is lost in woods, fields undulating sand dunes and beaches by reaching the horizon wide. All this culminates in the magnificent scenery Rocha lake.

In addition in La Paloma in Rocha Uruguay you will find a peaceful sanctuary with a small fishing village and many species of birds that live or migrate to the pond as flamingos and black-necked swans.

La Paloma in Rocha have many places for rent, from houses, hotels to hostels and the price is more cheap that others resorts and cities in Uruguay.
The better time for go to enjoy La Paloma beaches in from december to february when is summer.

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