La Barra de Maldonado. A places that you need visit in Punta del Este Uruguay

barra maldonado punta del este

La Barra is a seaside town on the uruguayan coast, located in the department of Maldonado, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, a few miles from Punta del Este.
La Barra place was once a fishing village, today it has become an important tourism center which offers a wide variety of services.
His seascape, beautiful and amazing beaches, the colors of the houses, the famous undulating bridge, the constant movement of tourists between the antique shops and art galleries plus restaurants with different styles and clubs have turned the bar into a focus of irresistible attraction for those looking for something special.
One of the amazing views is providing the rolling bridge, with an original architecture and beautiful houses built on its banks.
This wavy bridge is unique in the world and was built by the uruguayan engineer Leonel Viera in 1965.
Communicating La Barra with Punta del Este is through this bridge as it is on the estuary formed by the creek when it joins the ocean.
Currently an identical bridge was built next to the original due to increasing traffic. Its beaches offer plenty of peace, are familiar and small beaches are compared with those to the east. They have a very white sand, clear and calm water and is an invitation to enjoy splendid baths and then lie on the sand in cozy breaks taking sun.

The most popular beaches are the Springs Spa: Bikini Beach is a wonderful, in this beach are always events, music and gymnastics ejercices at sunset.
The most important can be the beach of Montoya, is broad, coarse sand and sea has great waves.
In the sea you can practice many water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, jetsky, too you can even take classes for learning the sport that interests you. The large areas of the coast invites tourists to stroll outdoors, fishing, horseback riding, play polo, etc.
The creek is ideal for water sports and fishing. The bar has a fantastic nightlife, a few clubs, bars, restaurants and many pubs have become the center of the youth scene, is one of the favorite youth and the nightlife that often lasts until dawn places.

In La Barra de Maldonado you can also enjoy the gourmet range as has its own shopping center, with a number of restaurants offering an infinite variety of food a la carte specialties internationally.
As in all the beaches of Uruguay, the climate is subtropical warm summer temperatures (December to March) range from 21ºC to 32ºC, while winter (June -September) ranging from 6ºC and 18ºC.
You can be sure if you visit La Barra de Maldonado in Uruguay you will not be disappointed.

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