Some of the best places to visit In Uruguay

If you are planning to take a trip around the world, Uruguay is one of the countries you should consider. Below is a list of some of the best places to visit in Uruguay:

• Montevideo Uruguay
This is the capital of Uruguay. This city is filled with magnificent European architecture.
This city is well known for its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere even its busiest parts. Some of its top landmarks include Puerta de la Ciudadela, Teatro Solis and the old city quarter. Another place you will really love visiting is the magnificent promenade of Rambla.

This fascinating promenade is made of more than 13km of beautiful sand beaches. This is the place where the river starts mixing up with the Atlantic Ocean thus a very good place to relax. If you also love sports, this is the right place for you.

• Colonia Del Sacramento in Uruguay
This is a top destination in Uruguay that you can’t afford to miss visiting.
This is due to its closeness to Buenos Aires. If you decide to go for a sightseeing trip in Colonia, you will be able to discover the incredible treasures of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will be able to see its numerous ancient houses, churches and museums. This place is also popular because of river promenade and its cobbled streets. The easiest way visit Colonia Del Sacramento is by booking a 1 day tour from Buenos Aires to Colonia.

It will take you 1 hour if you board a fast boat or 3hours if you take a slow boat.
punta del diablo beach

• The Rocha Coast
This coast is very famous for its natural beaches. This coast is caters for the needs of diverse groups of people such as surfers, families, young adults and backpackers.
Cabo Polonio is one of the places you can’t afford to miss visiting if you love fishing. It remains a popular fishing village in Uruguay.

Lack of running water and electricity in Cabo Polonio gives it a romantic, relaxing and exotic atmosphere. If you love surfing, La Pedrera is the perfect place for you.
It is also a perfect place if you would like to learn how to catch the perfect wave.

cabo polonio uruguay

Cabo Polonio Rocha Uruguay

La Pedrera is also known to have the best beaches in the Rocha Coast. La Paloma is the other exciting place on the Rocha Coast.
This is a small city that is found adjacent to lovely beaches.

• Punta Del Este Maldonado Uruguay
This is a magnificent seaside resort town that you can’t afford to miss paying a visit to. Its sandy shores, yachts, glittering lights and casinos will make you never miss going back to your home.
This place attracts a very huge crowd of tourist since it is located where the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean merge.
There are also numerous beach resort for the tourists along the river side. These sandy beaches are the greatest attractions to tourist. After spending a day on the sandy beaches, don’t leave Punta Del Este without visiting the town’s port. From this port you are able to view the Punta Del Este Lighthouse. Get yourself clearance from Esta then have all the fun you have ever wished to have by touring Uruguay.

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