Process Fundacional of the city of Treinta y Tres In the space understood between the year 1839 and 1851, a process named Big War lived through our country. This long struggle had his origin in the suit caused in 1836 between oriental commanders.

This complex contest came to his end with the agreement approved on October 8, 1851, in one of whose clauses he was declaring himself: `Between all the different opinions in that been they have divided the Eastern ones it will have won nor winning´.
From November, 1851, there arose a nationalistic reaction that was tending to achieve the National conciliation. There happened this way a series of political events that disembarked in the election of the President Juan Francisco Giró.

It turned centred his intentions on a politics of participation since the ambience was not of concord.

During the brief period of his government, which was supported until September, 1835 it was led to make constructive works, and wanting to know the needs of his country, he resolved to tackle in trip to the campaign.

The covey divided in October, 1852, in carriage, from the Union.

Then they came to Bulging, Maldonado, San Carlos and Mines. On November 14, 1852, they waded the Real Step of the Olimar. The President listened to the opinions of the most respectable neighbors and went so far as to preside at meetings of the Administrative Meetings in order to know his aspirations.

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