Capital of the department of the same name; this city is provided with much to enjoy in his streets and in his surroundings.


Cathedral San Fructuoso.

This Cathedral was constructed in 1849, of singular architectural characteristics; he is opposite to the square on April 19.

Museum of the Indian.

This museum of the city of Tacuarembó was created by Washington To sweep in the year 1940, and there there is exhibited big collection of indigenous and gaucho objects.

Theater Escayola.

In 1980 it was declared of Historical Interest.

Founded in the year 1891 by Colonel Escayola, (those who affirm many he was the father of the singer Carlos Gardel); it is the first one in the city and his functioning it was until the year 1957. The building is preserved by his original architecture and his excellent acoustics, for the pasaron musical groups, companies of operettas, dramas and foreign comedies.

Lagoon of the Lavanderas.

A beautiful natural lagoon with big wooded area, with places of camping and to practise the fishing. Also in the park one finds the monument to José Bulmini; in homage to the women who in the last times, in the first decades of the XXth century were washing the clothes in the same lagoon.

The Gardelazo.


Caricature of Arotxa; the same one is given to the visitor the welcome to the ground of worldwide by recognized singer of tangos, Carlos Gardel. It possesses a height of approximately 30 meters high and is located in the route 5, km 361, to 27 kilometers to the south of the city of Tacuarembó.

Paso of Mazangano.

In the mail that it was supporting of our worthy José Artigas with the authorities of Montevideo; they allow to make out the importance of the presence of Artigas in Tacuarembó.

Step of Mazangano is the place where Artigas settles in Tacuarembó, together with his soldiers Blandengues.

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