San Gregorio de Polanco


The waters provenientes from the Brazil cross the border and sail along the Black river up to resting in the meek blue lake of San Gregorio.

The beginning of San Gregorio.

There was a step on the Black river that in time of increasing of the river it had to cross in raft. The raft was a property of a buyer of leather, so-called Andrés de Polanco and this way the step acquired the name `Paso from Polanco´.

After the Big War, for 1853 and to initiative of General Gregorio Suárez and of two nearby farmers; they decide to establish a town, since this place was a strategic point that was allowing so much the transit towards the south as towards the north of the country.

And with grounds donated by Juan Cardozo and Gregorio Suárez, on November 16, 1853 San Gregorio of Polanco is founded finally.

San Gregorio of our days.

A city with little more than 3. 000 inhabitants that one finds route final in the end; and it receives the visitor of colouring form, with smell of nature and the warmth of his settlers.

There between pure air, blue beaches and green flora, almost isolated of world; his inhabitants have done of San Gregorio a happy place.


Open museum of Visual Arts.

In a joint effort between the local people, plastic artists and students of Fine arts; they captured in the frontages of the houses and walls his time, ideas, work and art. It was so one formed the first Open Museum of Visual Arts of the Uruguay and of Latin America, and visited year by year per cent of tourists.

In his first stage the idea was worked and to obtain the spaces for the works; for in April, 1993 to be begun by more than 30 works realized by approximately 50 painters, his workshops and the entire people to the advantage of the same sleep.

The following stage was that of the transfer of borders, with the participation in this open museum of Latin-American painters.

The tank of OSE.

Before coming to San Gregorio, there can discern in the far distance this water tank, which shines in his walls proudly, one of the works of art that does honor to his function; and it was painted by the workshop of Cléber Lara.

The parish.

It acts also of the workshop of C. Lara, which is reflected in the frontage and one of his sides of the churches; being identical with magisterial form.
Between some other works one finds `El Dorado´ of Jorge Álvarez, `Oratory to San Gregorio´ of Alinda Núñez´, `Homage to Joan Miró´ of Gustavo Also, `Fantasy´ of the workshop of the `Tola´ Invernizzi…

Local painters as the brothers Esolk with `Worker Angels´ and `The history of San Gregorio´ and in the Municipal State-run hotel the work of Gustavo Alamón.

Of the Latin-American painters, in the Local Meeting the work of Gastón Ugalde, of Bolivia; `America ardiente´ for Carlos Colombino, of Paraguay; the frontage of the Lyceum for Felipe Herembery, of Mexico; `La Puerta del Sol´, for Jorge Palacios, of Mexico…

The beaches of San Gregorio.

Perhaps here be a few of the best beaches of Black river, for his golden sand and his clean blue waters, with which this river bathes the coasts of San Gregorio of Polanco.

Also these waters are suitable, in addition to baths; to practise aquatic sports.

The fishing and nautical sports.

If it wants to come out of above the stress going fishing; you will find here in San Gregorio, one of the best places to practise the art of the fishing, standing out the fishing of the pejerrey.


His name comes from the Indian Guarani language that means `fresh water´.

This spa is located in the Park President Manuel Oribe, with 600 wooded hectares; it arose more than 30 years ago on the banks of two lakes surrounded with a green vegetation and between beautiful green hills.

The depth of both lakes of this spa, it is 17 meters of clean waters, where he reflects his sky of blue intense color.

A place that is provided with a finished infrastructure, with state-run hotel and swimming pool; places for practice all kinds of sports and a beautiful plant garden.

Who one excited of the weight, is the ideal place, since year by year fish are sowed in the lakes and so that nobody remains with the empty hands.

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