Tacuarembó. Uruguay

Tacuarembó is the most extensive department of the Uruguay. His capital is the city of Tacuarembó. Located in the north-center zone of the territory, it borders with the departments of Rivera, Artigas, Salto, Paysandú, Rio Negro, Durazno and Cerro Largo.

The principal city is his capital; is followed by “Paso de los Toros” and San Gregorio de Polanco.


The department stands out for his cattle bovine and sheep, rice and forest production, this activity that has encouraged the presence of sawmills and other industries in the capital of the department.

In his territory we find basalts and sandstones, which form a scenery of prairies and flat hills.

In this department renowned singer Carlos Gardel was born.

Here he did his studies and also began his artistic career, which continued in Argentina where it became famous internationally.

In 1934 he initiated a tour along Latin America, satisfying the needs of a public who was adoring him, being this the last

opportunity of contact with his public on Latin America; because on 24 June 1935, a tragic air accident in

the Airport Olaya Herrera of the City of Medellin – Colombia, extinguishes his life, but never his voice, that of the” Zorzal Criollo” lasting and more and more alive in the entire world.

In Uruguay is celebrated, June 24 as the day of Carlos Gardel, and the center of his commemorative acts is the city of Tacuarembo, as homage to the most famous personage of his history.

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