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Rivers and Creeks
The department of Soriano is provided with three rivers of singular beauty, two of which border on it, the Uruguay and the Black (Negro), and other that crosses it, the San Salvador. Here in the resplendent beauty of these rivers, there are the principal and almost only possibilities of developing a special and increasing tourism.

The Black river (Río Negro), next already to his mouth in the River Uruguay possesses an exuberant vegetation that shows itself in parks, beaches and zones of camping, offering more than thirty islands of green emerald, flat of golden and thin sand, overcoats and moorings for crafts, shady and polychrome mounts, fishing and abundant fighter, a spectacular stage for the navigation, and thousand dazzling panoramas where the fauna and the flora are virgins.

The Black river, like the San Salvador and the Uruguay, it is provided with magnificent places for camps, of easy access for ground and for water. The fishing is changed and abundantly in his rivers and creeks. Gilded, Bagre rows, tararira, pejerey, surubí, mojarras, they are between others the most well-known and more quoted species.

The hunting is also generous. On the muddy coasts of the rivers and some creeks the deer and the wild boars have multiplied, exotic species that, escaped from his captivity in the Park Anchorena, Colonia they have proliferated in natural life.

Walk of the Islands
In a narrow contact the nature it is possible to enjoy beaches, state-run hotels, campings and of good fishing, in a spectacular walk along the islands of the Black River, the second river in importance of the Uruguay. They can divide also from Mercedes’s city in a rented ship.

The islands to visit, between others, are: Del Naranjo, De Lobos, Del Infante, Dos Hermanas y la Del Puerto (joined the port for a small bridge).

Dam of Paso Palmar
The tourist development most emphasized from the zone, it is located on what there was the workshop of the Dam of Paso Palmar, on the Black river. It is located to 72 Mercedes’s kilometers by the routes 14 and 55 and belongs to the Municipal Commissariat of Soriano. It is a pleasant tourist center, which surprises for his scenery and his tourist possibilities, as nautical sports and fishing, especially that of the gilding in the summer. It possesses hotel, bungalow, state-run hotel, zone of camping, courts and games for children. And along with the dam, one finds the town of Cluster of palms, where there stay the workers of the company of electrical energy.

To the Dam Constitution, inaugurated in 1980, goes over across the routes 14 and 55 that lead directly up to the town Palmar. Concerning the lake reservoir exists a park forestado with big variety of indigenous and foreign species that offers a zone of camping with all the services.

This place is famous for the big quantity of generous fishing, being the gilding the `estrella´ of the zone.

Park Bartolomé Hidalgo
The Park Bartolomé Hidalgo is to 45 kilometers of Palmar and is located on the waters of the Dam, it was created in 1944 by the President Juan J. Of Amézaga. It takes the name of a poet of to the homeland, possesses a property of about 200 hectares and good fishing.

Beach of La Agraciada
One gains access for route 21, almost in the limit with the department of Cologne and on the mouth of the creek of the Attractive one, and in the km 8 of the River Uruguay. It is a place where the natural beauties and the history make a mistake. Since in this point there took place the historical landing of the Thirty three Oriental ones supervised by Juan Antonio Lavalleja in April, 1825.

The so-called `Pirámide de la Agraciada´ remembers this glorious exploit, which was giving beginning to the movement for the national Independence, she is in the stay ” White Houses ” and is located in the place where really the patriots disembarked.

Coal and Short
A place of daydream is created next to the gullet that the Coal tops form and Shortly, opposite to the multiple mouths of the Parana and almost where there conjugates the basin formed by the river Uruguay, Parana and of the Silver.

Beach of La Concordia

In the precincts of the River San Salvador, the Beach of the Concord offers for those who like the hunting, abundant species as partridges, jabalíes and coots. It possesses facilities of Camping, Huts and State-run hotels.

Park Guernica
Departing from Mercedes’s port and sailing along the Black River towards his mouth in the river Uruguay, there passes for the Park Guernica, grove of Eucaliptus also called Carrasquito, which constitutes one of the lungs of the city ideal for walks, walks, fishing and sports.

Coastal boulevard

More than 2 kmts. Of parks and gardens covered by the two most wide and long avenues of the city, and heightened by more than twelve sculptural works.

In addition to this big variety of textures and colors in vegetation that they mix and harmonize with the frames constituted on the one hand by the Black River that opposite to the city resembles a big lake, ruling the life of the mercedarios with his multicolored evenings that create thousand postcards per day, and on the other hand the typical ones and picturesque particular residences that they enjoy every day at every hour of the kindness of this walk.

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