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Reservoir of Salto Grande

Gigantic International Complex in Salto Uruguay

Salto Grande in Uruguay is a work of multiple use of the river Uruguay, being constituted in the first work of this type that with binational character has been tackled in Latin America.

It is located in the low Uruguay, few kilometers up-stream from Salto city in the zone named Ayuí. The work began on the 1st of April, 1974, first turbine so called Maria Victoria put herself in functioning on 21/6/79 and the last Any Elena 27/5/83 whereas the international bridge was inaugurated on August 25, 1982.

The work includes:
A prey of 6 9mts. of height from the foundation and 39 m. on the level of the river, which formed a lake of 78.000 hás.
Two rooms of interconnected machines, with a potency of 1:890.000 kilowatts equipped with 7 turbines type kaplan each one.
An international, road and railroad bridge that connects the systems of Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.
A channel of navigation with two exclusas, that will allow the crossing of crafts of up to 9 feet of openwork.
A network of electrical transmission that feeds Uruguay and the Argentine Coast up to Buenos Aires.
A possibility of irrigation for 130.000 hás. between both margins.

Product of all this is forming a center of tourism of extraordinary beauty and incalculable possibilities of development I insert in a zone of economic, social and human development that it will convert to Big Jump in a pole of regional development.
Any work of infrastructure as it, as it is Salto Grande brings as consequence important modifications in his area of influence, that’s why from his initiation they impelled all the actions tending to control the negative effects and to maximizing the positives.

This task motivated the praise of the Program of the United Nations for the Environment (PNUMA), which selected the Argentine – Uruguayan Project of Salto Grande as `example for the world´ of company that safeguards the environment.

Parque del Lago in Salto

Park of the Lake is to 13 km from Salto city. His entire area is 560 You have. where there exists a preservation of flora and fauna. It relies on with a zone enabled to the public of 14 Has.

The construction of the Dam of Salto Grande on the river Uruguay generates the Lake on this prey.

In this area there exists a wide zone of tourist national and international use. The Municipal Commissariat of Salto is provided with a Park of the Lake that along with the hotel thermal complex Horacio Quiroga are the zones of major tourist attraction of this area.

The 14 has. freed to the public use of the Municipal Park it counts with an important afforestation with multiple species, grillers, area of infantile games, caminería in refuse and a battery of hygienic services.

The natural beauty local, lake and coast parquizada, they do of this one a point of concourse of Uruguayan and Argentine tourists in addition to Salto population during twelve months of the year.

Thermal tourism in Salto

Termas del Arapey Salto Uruguay

It possesses an important thermal source to 80 km. to the north of the city, it is running from the year 1945; 400.000 liters per hour in his extras of 725 and 1.300 m. of depth. Discovered by the Geologic Institute of the Uruguay, in occasion of a perforation realized in search of petróleo.

It is a center of tourist concentration during twelve months of the year.

The authorities have worried about offering the maximum of serviceability and attention for the tourist, the tourist who comes in search of rest and his medicinal, curative waters. The water of the surgente assembles the ideal conditions for his application as: DRINK: of high quality as water of table, stomach sedative and diuretic with healing; and in BALNEOTERAPIA: it is indicated in stimulant baths and desensibilizantes.-

It offers as attraction the tourist: modern and comfortable Bungalows and Motels, equipped with: refrigerator, stoves to firewood, churrasqueras, bathed no vacancies with thermal shower, air conditioning, Tv color with Cable, garage and china for tea or coffee.

The Complex possesses five municipal swimming pools, the closed one 38 grades of temperature, a recent modernized semicovering, outdoors with 36 grades of temperature, the sports one of 25 meters long 26 grades of temperature, and the swimming pool Not 5 has a temperature of 27 grades with sub-aquatic light, three toboggans, wardrobes, patio and solarium, located between park and gardens.

Thermal del Daymán in Salto Uruguay

Next to Paso de las Piedras of Daymán, to 10 km. of the center of Salto city. They arose as result of a try in search of oil in the year 1957, on the coast of the river Daymán.

This thermal source arises from more than 2000 m deep, because of 160.000 liters per hour with a temperature of 46 grades. At present it is provided with 7 swimming pools for major and 3 for children, to different temperatures, inclusive one of thermal cold water, wardrobes for checkers and gentlemen, individual showers, zone of camping for the day, with churrasqueras, banks and stipends, infantile games.

The thermal zone possesses a varied offer of Hotels, Bungalows, Restaurants, courts you dye, Paddel, golf and swimming pools that combine the action of the heat and saltness. The waters of Daymán possess chemical components as the Iodin, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Fluorine, being a negative in arsenic and poorly in sulphates and nitrates and of clear and permanent radioactivity, it costs to say, that it assembles the conditions for his application in the crenoterapia. It is a proposal of wide benefits for his health, in this natural, only ambience, with environmental soft music and an elegant park with indigenous species, ideally for the rest.

ACUAMANIA – Is the first aquatic park of the Uruguay, with thermal waters of South America. It has been constructed in a municipal property of 15.000 mts2. All the games and entertainments that today it offers there have been hired to the same Canadian companies providers of the parks of Disney and Wet’n Wild.

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