Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo is a paradisiac spa, she is born as fishermen’s people and today, without leaving this condition, is more focused on the tourism. It has all the services and infrastructure for his attention: area of camp, hotelería, huts, small houses, restaurants and others.

With his rocky craggy rocks entering to the sea, from that there is discerned almost the whole town of ranchitos and huts constructed between the roquedal that stands out in patios, the beach is protected in a cove.

In addition to his beaches, his scenic delight, and the possibility of sports fishing, the principal attraction the handmade fishermen give it on having returned of the sea. The handmade fair, with his almost intimate environment of small positions, also contributes his. Between the services that it offers, there works a small museum dedicated to the life of the ocean and his shores.

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