La Paloma

It is the spa with major tourist infrastructure of the department and known internationally by the surfers, which come looking for his appropriate swell in the beaches Anaconda and La Aguada.

Between the offers of services it is provided with all the public establishments – telecommunications, drinkable water, electricity, Post office, etc.-, medical public and private assistance, church, League of Tourism, hotel establishments, huts and houses for rent, restaurants, pizzerias, confectioneries.

The possibilities of entertainments go from cinema with three rooms of simultaneous exhibition, electronic games, numerous jacks, games for children, fairs of crafts, up to two open dependencies on Casinos of the State every day of the period, in the same avenue.

It has port of overseas and fishing. To the Terminal of bus, there arrive three companies that realize regular, daily trips to Montevideo, regional some others and two local trips that go: one up to Serena Beach and other to La Pedrera.

The Municipal Park Andresito, it is provided with areas defined for camp, huts, parrilleros with tables and banks. In an environment parquizado with ancient pines and sight to the sea, there are centralized several dependencies destined for the cultural, sports and recreative chore, in that they stand out: Gymnasium, Stadium of Football, Summer theater – very cozy and in that permanent spectacles appear in alive-, Library and Cultural Center that, during the period, every day offers activities recreative – cultural.

One of his principal delight they are his beaches, each one with different personality: there are the meek ones – as that La Bahía, opposite to the Island de la Tuna-, and brave – as Anaconda-. Some of them present peculiarities: in La Balconada, it is a twilight habit applauding to the star king, in El Cabito, frequently copies of whale have an interview Southern Franc. A special chapter deserves Los Botes: it is attractive for the activity of his handmade fishermen that, they become to the sea under the protection of “Christ de Lucho”, peculiar sculpture realized by the artist a fisherman, Alfredo “Lucho” Maurente. From the fishing port to this one, an equally fascinating necklace of beaches spreads: La Aguada, Costa Azul, Antoniópolis and Arachania.
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An advisable walk is to the Faro, which stairs of 150 steps in spiral, leads to his top, to enjoy the most beautiful panorama that it offers. With tragic birth – his original tower of 30 meters collapsed and killed 17 workers-, it was inaugurated in 1874. Mute witnesses of that beginning, are located to every side of the Faro, the ruins of that original turret, and the only one existing cemetery in La Paloma, where the rests of those workpeople remain. In the environments of the Faro, it is possible to appreciate the building of ‘La Paloma vieja’, firstly population of the spa. Also there exists there from the Year 2005 the highest Solar Clock of the World, it is a safe walk.

The visit to the picturesque skeleton of his old Railway station, awake certain nostalgia. Of touching beauty, speech of other times and his form of communication and commerce, being constituted in a relic for being the only existing one on the Atlantic Ocean. It was very related to the port, in which another skeleton remains: of one of the factories procesadoras of fish of major freightage of the country. Today, one of the attractions of the port is the arribo of the barges of the handmade fishermen. It increases with the presence of wolves that claim his food wallowing in the surroundings, sometimes accompanied also by penguins.

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