The department of Rocha is located to the east of the country on the Atlantic Ocean. With several of the biggest reservations of fresh water of the country: the lagoons Waiter, of Rocha, of Castles, Black, and part of the lagoon Merín.

It has been a zone of Spanish shipwrecks in the epoch of the Cologne (as almost all the coasts of the country) and of establishment of indigenous cultures that were spreading from the coasts of Brazil up to these grounds.

The name of the department and of his cardinal leeway of that of a faenero of the `Vaquería del mar ´: Luis Mateo Rocha. The process fundacional of `Nuestra Señora de los Remedios of Rocha´ (this was the original name) began on November 21, 1793 for work of the minister of Real Treasury of the Port of Maldonado, Rafael Pérez of the Port.

The creation of the people was arranged from Buenos Aires by decree of the viceroy Nicolás de Arredondo of date January 5, 1792. The first project of creation of the department of Rocha was presented in 1860, but newly on July 7, 1880 there was approved the law that granted him this category.

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