Coastal coast

Playas de la costa de Rocha
Rocha includes 180 of 220 km from the coast that Uruguay possesses on the Atlantic Ocean and, the magnificent thing is that, almost in his totality, they are composed by paradisiac beaches of thin and white sand.

These sandy stripes are interrupted only by rocky launderings that add charm to the environment. Between they stand out: El Cabo of Santa Maria, which it protects to the port of The Pigeon and, more to this one, the Polonio.

Rock stripes re-dress particular delight the roquedales of the Peninsula of Punta del Diablo and Punta de Rivero, in which they can appreciate also, in inverted scales that are projected towards the sea. And, the emergency of a rocky cliff against the Atlantic Ocean, gives his particular character of big oceanic balcony, to La Pedrera.

In some cases, these rocky extensions are continued in the sea and give place to small islands and islets that, clustered, splash the oceanic coast. Three groups of these islands rochenses, they are a part of four colonies of marine wolves that possesses the Uruguay.

Islands of Torres: They are formed by three islands opposite to the End Polonio and are a baby’s place, fundamentally, of the wolf of two hair. Whereas, the eroded roquedales of the Pleased island and the caves of a hollow rock that stands out towards the south, so-called “Cafundú” for the loberos, are occupied by the wolves, the island Rasa, it is also a refuge of gulls that nest in his sand banks.

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