Barra de Valizas


 A small people of fishermen and handmade shrimp sellers who are in yes, the principal attraction of the spa. Somewhat informal and of calm appearance, it is of big night `agitation´. It is provided with a magnificent beach and enormous nearby dunes-

Hill of Buena Vista-, to that it goes over walking towards the south, after crossing the creek and gait during an hour, good protected from the sun.


The magnificence of more than 3.000 ombúes, loaded of centuries grouped in the biggest botanical set of the world, they offer the majestic, only and safe spectacle. Thick and imposing, they reach absolutely unimaginable sizes, without losing the peculiarity of every copy.

A part of the forest of ombúes can be visited sailing along the curvilinear creek Valizas. For it, it is necessary to come up to the bridge that crosses the creek, on the route 10 and to hire the service of the specializing guide.

In boat, there are covered five kilometers that are distant to the east of the Valizas in the lagoon of Castillos, where one finds the entry to the forest. The passage lasts twenty minutes and it is a walk in yes same. There have an interview big number of biguaes and ducks of different species, white herons and mulberries, teros and teros real, storks, coots, cuervillos, swans of black neck, white geese and chajaes.

The qualified area of the forest of the State, borders on the bank of the lagoon with more than hundred ombúes. Many of them grew embraced to thick crowns, in an affiliation that wakes up the curiosity of the technicians and supports them studying that one symbiosis, to try to explain it. Up to the moment, the experiences would demonstrate that, if they grow together from a beginning, they will coexist without problem. But once one of two species grew, if other one tries to be implanted to him nearby, it would not allow the development.

Although the absence of rings in his trunk prevents from determining the age of an ombu, it is believed that there are copies of more than 400 years, calculation based on the crown with which simbiotiza.

In contrast to the exotic forests, the native ones are united and they allow the coexistence of several vegetable species in the same space. Here it can appreciate the coexistence of ombúes, with choppings, ceibos, espinillos, myrtles, enviras, mburucuyaes, for naming the most well-known. It prospers also, big wealth of fauna.

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