Places of interest

Places of Interest

Square Constitution.


In the center of the this city his principal square so-called Constitution, in which one emphasizes in the way of the same one a square of clear English style.

Church Nuestra Señora del Pilar.

To one of the sides of the square Constitution Our Lady of Pilar finds the Church; it possesses a high tower with clocks and a dome that continues to the belfry, not only it is interesting because it can him turn from a distance, but also for his architecture.

MuseoLuis `Alberto Solari´.

Por frente a otro de los lados de la plaza se puede visitar el Museo Luis Alberto Solari (1918-1993) artista plástico reconocido mundialmente.

Nació y vivió en Fray Bentos, también mucho tiempo en New York; pero nunca se olvido su país ni sus raíces, ya que vivió muy aferrado a las costumbres y a la tradición oral que siempre volcó en todas sus obras.


Another attraction is the walk that it is possible to do along the coastal one, for his boulevard and Amphitheatre, which they always invite us to enjoy a beautiful sight facing the river Uruguay.

This friendly city is the capital of the department of Río Negro and she is on the coast of the river Uruguay.

Las Cañas (The Canes)

This somewhat hidden place, it shuts a beautiful natural environment up, of vegetation and of beaches.

On having entered to the municipal property, it is possible to choose for several alternatives, if we speak about demurrage; it is provided with wide and suitable zone for camping, bungaloes, you marry to rent or very picturesque small hotels.

But the principal attraction of the spa The Canes are his beautiful beaches of very white sand framed by his natural mount; in addition to typical canes, other wild species exist as ceibos, myrtles, guayabos and sarandíes.

Truly a paradisiac place on the banks of the calm waters of the `Río de los Pajaros Pintados´; since this way the natives were calling to the river Uruguay.

In his high period it offers to cover with time his handmade fair; also it possesses provisions, state-run hotels and restaurants.

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