Thermal centers

The Spa of Guaviyú in Paysandu Uruguay- name of a tree of the zone that gives a very tasty fruit – is to the edge of the Route 3, at a height of the kilometer 441, scarcely spending the bridge on the creek of the same name.

They are provided with an infrastructure consisted of municipal motels, zone of camping, hygienic services and commercial center, in support to the swimming pools and basins of jets that allow an ideal balneoterapy during any time of the year since the temperature average is 39°C.

At present one is in the stage of commercialization of properties for the construction of houses of rest. That is to say that in the mediate future there will be there tourist housings of private property, which will provoke a stronger reinvestment in different types of progress – roofed swimming pool, aquatic park, etc. – on the part of the municipal administration.

Arisen the thermal source in occasion of frustrated searches of oil realized by ANCAP, was during a lot of time a place of reference to the villagers or the proper travelers who were hitting to happen for the place. Now it is a center of tourist attraction that summons thousands and thousands of visitors proceeding from all the zones of the country, as well as of Brazil and Argentina.

In the Week of Tourism the place receive a very special dynamics, with many more camps than the habitual thing, families and groups of young people who make the ambience happy. Also they usually arrange special activities that can be consulted by the visitors.

In the outskirts private road exists motelería with swimming pools, as well as properties of agricultural production in which it is possible to realize an ideal demurrage even sharing the natural activities of the Uruguayan field.
A thermal center with therapeutic characteristics is something always looked by the lovers of the nature. This gives itself in the Spa of Almirón, near to Guichón, the second city of the Paysandu Department.

There there arises the water of the thermal extra with a temperature I divide equally of 34 ° named *San Gregorio* an acuífero that, in contrast to which it feeds to the rest of spa sanduceras, is of marine origin. That’s why it has a high saltness, and therefore very particular therapeutic properties to the point of which it is usually recommended by many reumatólogos.

But anyway the infrastructure of swimming pools, motelería incipient, zone of camping and the scenery in general are an invitation to remain, in a thermal center which properties are recognized in Latin America.

Also there it has centred on the interest of investors deprived be already for the acquisition of properties destined for tourist proper housing or the installation of clinics and spas, precisely to exploproperly those mineral conditions of the Spa of Almirón in Paysandu Uruguay.

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