Places of interest

Basilica Nuestra Señora del Rosario and San Benito de Palermo

Square Constitution
His origins go back a year 1660. In 1865 it was a bastion of the heroic Defense of Paysandú and it was finished at the end of 1879 Paintings and fresh air of the most beautiful taste adorns the vault of the imposing building that was declared a Minor Basilica in 1949.

Mausoleum to General Leandro Gomez

Square Constitution

Inaugurated in the year 1984, this underground construction, it was concebida in homage to the Hero of the Defense of Paysandú, Gral. Leandro Gómez, died on January 2, 1865, after 33 days of martyrdom. In his interior, an urn of Madeira keeps the remains of the Hero, and in his walls legends and elements remember the historical facts.

Monument to Perpetuity

Popularly named Old Cemetery, it contains wonderful works of funeral art, and has been declared a Historical National Monument. This real Museum of art and history, perpetúa in marble and bronze Gloria’s past.

Theatre Florencio Sanchez

Inaugurated in the year 1876, architectural declared jewel Historical National Monument. For his stage innumerable artists of international level have happened, and in he interpreted on October 12, 1915, for the first time the finished score of the National Uruguayan Anthem.

Amphitheatre of The Rio Uruguay

Inaugurated on March 22, 1997. Only one for the characteristics of his architecture, which provides to him the perfect one acoustics, the amphitheatre lodges in his interior 20.000 seated persons, being constituted in the only work in Latin America.

Stadium Artigas

As consequence of the achievement of the Copa America ´ 95, ancient Park Artigas was completely remodelled, and re-inaugurated on June 25, 1995, under this denomination. It has capacity for 20.000 spectators and there are realized soccer spectacles of national and international character.

Plateau Of Artigas

Domineering height to 49 meters on the level of the waters of the River Uruguay, strategic place chosen by the Gral. Artigas in his struggle for affirming the freedom of the peoples. Rural natural beauty crowned by the bust to the Hero located in the summit of a column of granite of 37 meters high, is the only Historical National Natural Monument. In his environment the so called one has been constructed *Casona of the Patriarch *, stone construction that allows the achievement of meetings, meetings and it provides better serviceability to the visitors.
Carnival celebrations

Annually during holidays of carnival and in the and still later days previous, a Commission of Carnival and Holidays, he organizes spectacles that are provided with big popular adherence, including Corsican and an official contest of groupings.

Week of the beer
Traditional holiday that develops during the Holy Week, summoning for 9 days thousands of tourists, whom they offer national social, sports, cultural, musical and international spectacles in an amphitheatre with capacity for 20000 persons located in an environment where also a handmade exhibition is realized and shows of regional products.

Meeting with El Patriarca

Annual celebration that assembles students, sportsmen, alive and institutional forces, in a peregrination that culminates in the Plateau of Artigas, in memory to the death of the hero.

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