General Information

Capital: Paysandú

Population: 110. 000

Surface: 13. 922 km 2.

It distances of Montevideo: 379 km


The department of Paysandú is located in the northwest of the Uruguayan territory.

The origin of the city goes back 1607 when the territory was inhabited precariously by captains of Hernandarias.

Journeyed since then across the river or for terrestrial expeditions. The first establishments are of 1752 when Indians settled in the ” Step of Paysandú ” provenientes of the Mission of San Borja.

The port was constructed in 1768, but the territory was a motive of complex disputes until 1802. This year a town got up in territories that till then belonged to the government of Yapeyú and his first chapel was raised to the category of parish in 1804.

The department of Paysandú has an excellent place in the Uruguayan history after having resisted during long time the joint place of General Flores (Divided Colorado) and his Brazilian companions, in the middle of the XIXth century. This fact is still alive up to today in the memory of `sanduceros´ (term with which the settlers of the department are designated).

The rests of his heroes rest in a cemetery that has been declared a Historical National Patrimony, and there are great the corners of the city that remember these moments.


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