Places of interest

Door of the Ciudadela the Montevideo
It is the original door of the ancient city of fortified Montevideo and it dates of the year 1746.

Museum Torres García.
This museum with several plants exhibits works of one of the principal pioneers of the modern Latin-American art, the teacher Joaquín Torres García

There also there show themselves itinerant samples of national and foreign artists.

Chapter of Montevideo. (Cabildo de Montevideo)
Declared Historical National Monument.
The name of this historical building is of “Chapter and Real Jails”, one of the first constructions that we have inherited from Montevideo Colonial, byline of the year 1804.

The works of the construction were realized under the orders of Arq. Tomás Toribio, at the end of the Republican epoch for the year 1804, but the works were seen demoradas by the English Invasions, the political events of 1810 and the death of proper Toribio. For then in 1830 to be recaptured in definitive form by his son José Toribio.

The Chapter of Montevideo today is the regarding one, not only for being an important architectural work, but also because here several went on from the most important facts of the political, social and cultural life of our country. In our first Constitution was sworn in 1830.

In his interior it possesses four courts that preserve his originality conventual air, capable of trasportarnos in the time to his the first years. In one of them the first source of public water is, it acts of the marblecutter Juan Ferrari, in mármoles foreigners and baseboards with materials of the quarries of the department of Lavalleja.

The same one was finding earlier in the Square Counterfoil, there was inaugurated on December 24, 1867, on initiative of the Political Chief of Montevideo, José Cándido Bustamente, meeting to the ceremony the President of the epoch Venancio Flores.
The Chapter lasted in functioning four years, since then his function was replaced by the men aguateros.
In several of the rooms of the Chapter it is possible to appreciate objects, ancient furnitures, clothing, paintings, weapon, documents of the epoch; in other rooms we can enjoy temporary exhibitions.

Square Constitution.
The first public square of the city of Montevideo, byline of the year 1726 and Counterfoil is known also as Square; in this place every Saturday of tomorrow the Fair of Antiquities settles, that Old City is a part of the Walk.

Market of the Port. (Mercado del Puerto)
One of the most representative local buildings, byline of the year 1868, was an ancient deposit of the port, also market of meats and products of sea.

With his style of eclectic architecture, it possesses a structure in iron that was constructed in Liverpool – England. Today it is a forced point of meeting and visits, since it offers to the midday typical national meals, especially of meats to the broiler, as the roast; always accompanied of the traditional gulp ” Medio y medio”.

Quite in a festive ambience of music, antiquities, paintings and crafts.

Pedestrian Pérez Castellano.
For Opposite to The market of the Port there is small pedestrian this one, which for the middays Montevideans offers a lot of music, paintings, crafts, antiquities.

Historical National Monument (Monumento Historico Nacional).
A catholic temple that was constructed in the year 1863; of eclectic and historicist style, it possesses beautiful vitrales.
Had to endure a fire, today somewhat damaged it keeps on supporting his authentic beauty.

Palace Taranco – Museum of Decorative Arts.
Museum today earlier a residence; of eclectic French style; it belonged to the family of a well-known merchant of his epoch.
Inside the housing we can find fabulous furniture and glassware.
In the subsoil of the building you can see the collection of Moslem archeology.

Square Zabala – Garden Zabala
The same one is for opposite to the Palace Taranco, here formerly here one was finding the Governor’s House and Stores, for the year 1878.

Historical National Museum ” House of Rivera “.
This house dates of beginning of 1800, it is of neoclassic Spanish style; in his interior it lodges indigenous pieces, weapon, excellent paintings that narrate part of our history.

Historical National “Romantic” museum.
This construction dates of the year 1830 and it is of neoclassic Spanish style.
Formerly this residence was a familiar housing, was known the Hunter’s house – Roosen; in addition to his architectural beauty, of his open court, in his interior one preserves his original furniture, glassware, paintings, musical instruments.

Parlamento of Montevideo the Junta Departamental.
Ex-house of Francisco Gómez and ex-confectionery El Telégrafo; it is a magnificent palace of eclectic historicist style. It was projected by the Ing. Ignacio Pedralbes in 1870, to order of the wealthy merchant of that time and industrial Francisco Antonio Gómez and one of the brothers of the hero of Paysandú Leandro Gómez.

The work was reached in the year 1885, but curiously it never gone so far as to be used as residence; the property was transferred to the commune in 1888 and in 1889 there will settle the Together Economic Administrative `Municipal House´, today Departmental Meeting.

In his interior there stand out the lounges of the second plant, with decorative polychrome elements and paintings of national authors, as Rosé, Roberto Castellanos, Dura, Berta, Rufalo, Larraide, Cúneo and Espínola Gómez.

Theater Solís.
Today we can take delight with a renewed theater, which after several years of restoration, re-opened his doors to the public with big gala of reopening on August 25, 2004.
His principal body dates of the year 1841 and 1843, his you watch over wings of the year 1869; and it is of eclectic historicist style.

In it is possible to appreciate high aesthetic and architectural values been content with the most excellent materials of the epoch, several provenientes of distant parts of the world. As his wood, which come from Russia, pizzarra from Genoa – Italy, as well as the mármoles, between others.

When in 1843 there takes place the ‘Sitio Grande’ realized by the Gral. Manuel Oribe, the works of construction of the theater stop because of the war and newly about 1852 they are resumed.
The first works that appeared there were sporadic of fans, and for national and foreign groups.

The longed inaugural function took place on August 25, 1856 for the Lyric Italian Company. And for his stage they have been able to spend figures of big international fame as Arturo Toscanini, Giacomo Puccini, Enrico Caruso, Sarah Bernhardt, Isadora Duncan…
This theater with form of horseshoe, to the most faithful Italian style is provided with capacity for 1600 persons, in addition to the fabulous one acoustics that allowed and they allow the deployment of fabulous spectacles for the enjoyment of all.

Coast of Montevideo.
The coast that always looks at the sea, grants to the city winds renovators and an incomparable scenery to few blocks of the center of the metropolis.

It spreads over more than 30 kilometers and all his length and breadth is a point of meeting and of enjoyment, so much of inhabitants of the city as those who visit us during the whole year; what makes her be one of the principal attractions tourist of this capital.
It is chosen to sit down to sharing the mate with friends, since in all his stretch we can find appropriate places, and in summer several woodlands to enjoy the repairer shade. Also it is chosen to walk and as area of sports, to run and to walk in bicycle; encontarndo in all his stretch warning cartels of all that and like to go in for sport.,

Park Rodo (Parque Rodo)
A Park that arises at the end of the XIXth century and with the French aesthetics of those years; it is provided with 128 hectares of extension, and woodland with more than 20.000 trees. It is today one of the green lungs of the city of Montevideo and place of recreation so much for big as for boys.

The big green area possesses a beautiful artificial lake; and the whole park offers us one without end of possibilities, so much to do sports, to walk, to walk in bicycle, to read, to ponder or to take mate.

The Park is provided with mechanical games for the children and young people, it is a pole of diversion, since it is provided with several mechanical games that fulfil the weekends and in vacation.

For the children the park offers a place with form of medieval castle; with a tower, lookout, portal, arches and battlements, and a Japanese garden; designed by the landscape painters Thays and Racine. There also it works a library and puttings in scenes of infantile works of theater.

This place also served as stage for an Argentine movie “Three musketeers”, and for the year 1935 a kermesse was realized to the best medieval style.

Museum of Plastic and Visual Arts: His garden was designed by Leonardo Silva Delgado and he usually dresses oneself of target to receive us in spring.

The museum was designed by Clorindo Testa, and in addition to being able from his high silver to enjoy the look towards the exterior; it usually offers us exceptional samples both of national and international artists. Inside the foreigners they could saturate here that of the Vatican, of Botero, of the Arq. Santiago of Calatrava; between some others.

Ramirez Beach: The beach Ramírez is located on the foot of the Park Rodó, from the same one we can appreciate a beautiful panoramic sight towards the center of the city; a place that also is chosen to practise sports in the sand or simply to walk.

Much close one finds the Ex-park Hotel, today it is the Administrative Head office of the MERCOSUR, an important building facing the sea.
Also this one stretch of the boulevard is usually one of the most elected and crowded at the time of choosing a place to walk or to take mate, both in the summer and in other stations and weekends.

Also this zone of Montevideo is provided with another green area that they are the Quarries of the Park Rodó, slightly wooded elevations, which in way there possess a big source of water and the Amphitheatre of the Park Rodó outdoors. There the whole year musical spectacles are celebrated, especially in February with carnival contests.
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