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Montevideo, capital of the Oriental Republic of the Uruguay and Administrative Head office of the Mercosur, is a coastal city located to 34,5th south latitude and 56th longitude west. It is the most southern of all the capitals of the American continent.

The department of Montevideo has a surface that is distributed in 192,3 km2 of urban area and 336,4 km2 of rural area. It possesses 67 km from coast on the River Plate (Río de la Plata). The River Plate does of Montevideo a humid city, with moderate climate and almost constant presence of the wind.

One believes that the name comes from a map in which the elevations were distinguishing themselves from the territory of Brazil, from this one on west (” Monte VI of E-or “). After a Portuguese attempt of settling in the area (1723) the governor of Buenos Aires, Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, arranged the construction of a small fort in 1724. On December 24, 1726 San Felipe and Santiago of Montevideo was founded officially. The line of his plant was done by Pedro Millán.

The sailor Francisco de Alzáybar brought, in 1726 and 1728, several families from the Canary Isles that, together with the soldiers, were the first settlers. The authority was residing in the Chapter. The city was walled and although he prospered with the commerce of black slaves, it preserved until the middle of the XIXth century his character of military square.

Ciudad Vieja

(Old city), a trip to the past.

The one who penetrates the Door of the Ciudadela will enter a third dimension, there almost inexplicableblemente coexist of parallel form two times; the one that passes at present, with automobiles, offices, executives, fast food…. And on the other hand, the time where they pass the year 1800; it is enough to tread on these streets of paving stones, to enter curiosity the antiquarians, or some house of these years that was turned into museum; it is enough to re-live through these first years of this one city.

The Old City hides a magic that can explain us to him with words and that is revealed only for those who cheer up to explore it thouroughly, without any hurry, being allowed him to astonish for what to simple sight we would not give him importance.

When the city of Montevideo is founded on December 24, 1726, this peninsula was offering the one who was contemplating it from his port, green fields and of so much meanwhile some trees and shrubs; there could be seen in the far distance many bovine and equine animals that were grazing in the green hillocks.

Few populations were scarcely approximately six or seven, poor houses of walls of adobe, roofs of straw and sometimes of leather.

The Old City of today.

This small peninsula surrounded with sea and his port, keeps on being the most ancient part of the city of Montevideo.

There there survive up to today those different authentic colonial, turned constructions in museums, with his original furniture; and for interesting others, which mix between antiquarians, bookstores, restaurants and galleries of art.

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