Montevideo. Uruguay


Montevideo is the capital of the Uruguay.

It is located in the south zone of the country, with coasts on the Rio de la Plata and is the department of minor extension in the country.

His population is 1.325.968 hab. (2004) but, considering his metropolitan area,
Montevideo reaches 1.668.335 inhabitants.

The city stands out for his ideal bay that forms a natural port, being the most important of the country.

For his cattle wealth and his very good geographical situation, it grew as city – port up to being the capital of the Republica Oriental del Uruguay. Montevideo is the Latin-American city with the biggest quality of life.

In 1860 Montevideo was provided with 57.913 inhabitants, happening before 1880 to the fourfold one, principally for the Europeans’ big immigration. In this time, the commerce was the principal source of income for the city, being his principal rival in this sense Buenos Aires.

The bay of Montevideo is the seat of the port of the city and one of the reasons for which the same was founded.

For the fact of being a natural port it makes it very competitive.

At the beginning of the century many Europeans especially from Spain and Italy immigrated to the city and already for 1908 an important part of the population was foreign.

The closeness of the port has favored the installation of several industries in this area, especially those who devote themselves to the import and exportation.

It is a contemporary metropolis that agglutinates a high proportion of the economic activity, the commercial exchange, the services, the banking and the tourism in the country.

Montevideo possesses an exepcional architecture; has military fortresses of the epoch of the colony . In addition to the built palaces one century ago. One of these is the Legislative Palace, recently declared Patrimony of the Humanity. Other of them is “The Salvo Palace”.

In the summer season many cruises whith tourist arrive to the port. Where they can visit one of the most emblematic and representative places for his gastronomy “El Mercado del Puerto”. Here they can buy a big variety of articles made in leather, from the clothes up to gifts.

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