San Carlos

The city of San Carlos, it was the first town of the interior founded in 1763 by the General and Spanish Governor, Don Pedro de Cevallos, in his campaign of colonization in the American continent.
His name comes from the King of Spain Carlos III of Borbón, on initiative of the founder. San Carlos, the most important defending bastion of the region of oriental this one, for his closeness with Brazil, was constituted in valuable agricultural product, purveyor of this one and of the south of our country.

It is the only people of the world founded by Portugueses of the Islands out of his distant grounds.

The only population of the River Plate (Río de la Plata) that the Englishmen could not conquer in his Invasions, being pushed back in the historical combat of November 7, 1806, which deserved the recognition of the King on having awarded the escutcheon of `very faithful and reconquering`, as Montevideo.

From his important history memorable facts are extracted, as having the most ancient colonial temple of the country, to have been covered of glory by means of the value of his children, in the epic for the freedom of the homeland, him give this one numerous personalities famous in all the times up to the present, even recognized on a global scale.

It has been with the whole department of Maldonado, the most relieved zone commented and promoted in the country due also to his closeness with Punta del Este and the handmade and agricultural capital of the region.

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