Lavalleja Uruguay

Territory: 10.016 km²
Inhabitants: 61.466
Capital: Minas City

Lavalleja is one of 19 departments that make up the “Republic Oriental of Uruguay”.
It is located in the east of the country, Minas being its capital and largest city.

Named in tribute to Brigadier General. Juan Antonio Lavalleja (born in Minas) for his outstanding military and political actions during the independence struggle of the country.

This department is located to the southeast of the country, composed by plains and granitic “cuchillas” (wavy lands), as well as for metamorphic and volcanic materials that originate roughness in the region.

The department was created on June 16, 1837 with part of territories of Cerro Largo and Maldonado. At first had the name of Minas.
In March 1888 the Parliament of Representatives was asked to elevate the status of the town of Minas to the city and rename the department of Lavalleja. The first was approved.
Since then and until December 26, 1927 finally the name of the department of Minas was replaced for Lavalleja name.

It is traveled by streams of the Santa Lucía river and for the Aiguá river.
The climate is warm and humid. In the area prevails herbaceous prairie as well as zones of straws and rushes.

The main economic activities are bovine, ovine and horsy cattle raising, as well as cultivation of linen, sunflower and cereals, also tourism and mining.
Exist mines of limestone, dolomita and marble.
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