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escudo de florida
Capital: Florida

Population: 66. 110

Surface: 10. 417 km 2.

It distances of Montevideo: 98 km

The department of Florida was created on July 10, 1856. It was a head office of the First Native Government and of the Representatives’ Room that our independence declared. The declaration of independence did to itself in the Meadow of the High Stone place forced for the maximum national holiday.

Florida occupies the tenth place in the ranking of thickness of the interior of the country 81 % of the population there is located in urban areas of the following way Florida (58,6 %), Sarandí Grande (10 %), Casupá (4,3 %). His foundation is tied to the priest Santiago Figueredo.

The Chapter of Montevideo established in 1773 a stay that lacked economic meaning for the neighbors. In 1809, before the orders of Figueredo of a population founded in a more prosperous place, the zone was used for the creation of the town of Florida, the last population founded by Spanish on these grounds.

His denomination of ” Altar of the homeland ” is due to the fact that on August 25, 1825 in the high stone of this department there took place the declaration of independence of the ORIENTAL REPUBLIC OF THE URUGUAY.

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