Nothing comparable to the adventure of a weekend of camping. Camping Municipal Park Robaina is an incomparable place for a pleasant rest to the shores of the historical river Saint Lucia Boy.

Severino Spent COMPLEX

Holiday park of the officials of OSE (those tourists not associates can manage his revenue in the central offices of OSE Montevideo, 3er. Severino trod on Office of Step).

MUNICIPAL CAMPING – Juan Chazot walked
parque robaina
Park with beaches, much woodland, mouth of the creek of the Virgin in the Saint Lucia.

Stay San Pedro of the timote

This tourist stay (where don Alberto Gallinal lived) account with 2 accesses, one Route 6 km 143 and other for Route 7 km 142 (It closed Colorado). It is one of the bigger helmets of stay of the country

Stay ” THE CEIBO ”

Tourist stay located in Way to San Gerónimo Km 16. It is provided with services for attention to groups for the day and accommodation, they realize the transfer from the Terminal of Bus of Florida.

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