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Square Constitution (Plaza Constitución) in Trinidad Flores Uruguay

On a clearly squared tracing of the city, the Square Constitution or simply “The Square” (La Plaza), it is the center of excellent meeting. Around him nuclean some of the institutions and organzaciones more important. To the north, on street Fray Manuel Ubeda locates the head office of Bank of Social Forecast (Banco de Previsión Social) and the Recreative Center Porongos FC. For the side East on street Francisco Fondar they are the Commercial Bank (Banco Comercial), Banco de Seguros, It surrounds Square and the head office of Club 25 de Mayo.

The Source and the night lighting are one more point of attraction to this one beautiful square, where also in Christmas epochs it is decorated by a traditional tree.

Plaza Flores
To few meters of the center of the city one finds another square of importance in Trinidad, it is the Square Flores. With less pother and movement he stands out for his wide ways adorned with Jacarandás that give to the environment a bluish color in summer epochs. The crown in the center a big source of water that open to the public another option of recreation.
Also the Arregui are provided with other attractions as the monument to created by the artist from Trinidad Martín Arregui. As well as the cistern that owing to 500 years of the beginning of the imperialist European conquest on these grounds was inaugurated on October 12, 1992.

Theatre Artigas
Located in street General Flores between Dr. Herrera and Carlos Maria Ramírez. It was begun to construct in the year 1915, work of the architect Sebastián Martorell, opened his doors in October, 1917. It offers to the department the permanent availability of an identical room to the requirements of the most varied artistic expressions.

Casa de la Cultura (House of the Culture)
Located at the corner of the streets Stma. Trinidad and Sarandí, is provided with the Municipal Library, a wide court with a source and several lounges where numerous courses are given.

Park Centenario
The place offers to the visitor green spaces with a beautiful natural environment.
Trinidad Parque Centenario
In addition to infantile games diverse sports spaces exist, with courts of tennis, volleyball, basquetbol, pediment, football, etc.

Provided of grills, tables with quincho and hygienic baths, it is a zone for picnics and enjoyment outdoors. Here one finds the professional pediment of ball of 30 m. with lighting and bleachers for 300 persons. To few meters one finds the Municipal stadium of Baby Football, with lighting and capacity for 500 persons.

Estadio Juan A. Lavalleja (Stadium)
It is the soccer stronghold and for massive excellent spectacles. The stage has lighting and bleachers to lodge about 2500 persons and tribunes for access with vehicles.

Parque Lavalleja (Park)
It is another park located inside the urban plant between the streets Florencio Sánchez, Treinta y Tres, Artigas and Leandro Gómez. His woodland, florarles adornments, calmness, games and parrilleros invite to big and small to enjoying this space.

It the streets furrow in cross Uruguay and On July 18, both with picturesque bridges of wood on the water thread that crosses the park in direction NE – SO. There are two spaces with games for children, one in wood and other with hammocks, sand-dealers and climbers.

A point of attraction during the summer is the stadium of the “Commercial league” with his traditional championship that faces teams shaped in most cases by employees of the different companies or commercial activities of the department. Pictures like that arise as “The Spoon”, “The Broom”, etc. It is a court in natural grassland but with limited dimensions, every team plays with 7 players.

Parroquia de la Santisima Trinidad (Parish of the Holiest Trinidad)
This oratory was inaugurated in February, 1802 and it is a key piece in the backing of the ancient town. It constitutes an architectural excellent work for our cultural undivided assets, realized by the architects Elciario Boix and Horacio Terra Arocena. In his biggest altar one finds represented the Holiest Trinidad, oil of the national artist José Luis Zorrilla de San Martin.

Flora and Fauna reservation “Rodolfo Tálice”
Located to 2 km from the city of Trinidad, on the Route 3 to the north. It was inaugurated on July 28, 1991 in the frame of the campaign “Flowers by the Life” protected by the commission of Flora and Fauna`s Preservation of the I.M.F. and the commission of Environmental Preservation of the Departmental Meeting.

In his wide property different species stay at spaces properly equipped, fundamentally indigenous, as Carpincho, Rhea, Deer, etc. It is provided with area of picnic, park and artificial lake with suspension bridge, pergola and roads.
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