Flores. Uruguay

Territory: 5.144 km²
Inhabitans: 25.031
Capital: Trinidad City

Outside Trinidad, Flores is agricultural, primarily raising cattle for export . Gauchos, the South American Cowboys, still ride the plains. Flores has kept its traditions while taking the best of technology. In Trinidad horsecarts are common but the communications system is all digital, and wireless internet is available throughout the department.
Fauna: Over 100 species of birds can be found in Flores.

For example, rufous horneros, with their oven-like nests, sit atop fence posts. Huge colonies of green parrots´ nests hang high in the tall eucalyptus. Southern lapwings, localy known as teros, burrowing owls, and elegant-crested tinamou nest in open fields while long wing harriers, gray eagles, and hawks soar high above. Some of the largest great kiskadees are extremely common as are the guira cuckoos. If you travel along the country roads, you’ll frequently spot the giant wood rail, pink spoonbills, and kingfishers near a stream. And, flocks of ibis and white egrets enjoy the pastures.

Red headed cardinals, both orange throated and red necked woodpeckers, and scissor-tailed nightjars can be seen in the small stands of trees that dot the countryside. Long, split tailed flycatchers zip above the rich grass around twilight. Glittering-bellied emerald hummingbirds drink from the tall purple flowers that carpet the fields from Spring until Fall.

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