General Information


Capital: Durazno

Population: 54.700

Surface: 11.447 km2

It distances of Montevideo: 183km

It is located in the center of the Uruguayan territory, it is a Mesopotamian region understood between the Black River (Río Negro) (” Hum ” for the natives) and the Yi, bordered to this one for the creek El Cordobés.

His surface is overcome only by that of Tacuarembó and Cerro Largo. The territory is flat in the precincts of the Black River (Río Negro) and the Yi. In the central region, the biggest of the department, the heights range between the 100 and 200 m and in the east of the river Yi and the creek of the El Cordobés the altitudes come to 200 or 250 m. There it begins the penetration of the Cuchilla Grande of Durazno that crosses the department of this one on west and ends in the Rincón de Gutiérrez.

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