Durazno Uruguay

map durazno uruguay
Territory: 11.643 km²
Inhabitants: 55.037
Capital: Durazno City

At the heart of the Republica Oriental del Uruguay, and limited by Yi and Rio Negro rivers, is the department of Durazno.
The department has 12,208 square kilometers and a total population of 55,715 inhabitants aprox.
Durazno too is the name of the capital city and was founded on October 12 of 1821 by the General Fructuoso Rivera, first president of Uruguay.
This city was the only interior city to be capital of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, between October 1827 and October 1828, being the President Gen. Juan Antonio Lavalleja. After that period the capital was moved to Montevideo, remaining in that city until today.
durazno city in Uruguay

The city of Durazno in Uruguay, with 30,609 inhabitants, is located in the southwestern area of ​​the department, together with the Yi River, which in its passage through the city, and between fine sand and indigenous forests, it gives a beautiful beach pride of their inhabitants.
Peach recognized some years ago as the greenest city in South America due to the large number of trees in the urban area has in proportion to the size of the city .
Browse the city of Durazno in Uruguay is to discover its attractions every step wealthy, where nature and intelligent man hand have managed to make it must-see for tourists, in their constant search for beauty and peace.
City of Durazno in Uruguay
Located in the center of the country, this department is surrounded by the Negro river and the Yi river. Among those are granitic hills belonging to the Big “Cuchilla” (wavy lands). The climate is warm rainy and the rivers are mighty.

It is an agricultural and cattle territory, and the most important industries are: frozen, weatherbeaten meats and wools. It possesses important reservoirs for production of hydroelectric energy. The main hydroelectric plants for energy production are “Rincón del Bonete” and “Palmar”.

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