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Melo in Carnival
The traditional festive spirit of the people native of Melo determines that the Carnival is the principal popular holiday.

The candombe in his original state joined other rhythms, influenced by the Brazilian carnival, the band of street musicians and original numbers as the round of bears, they do of the traditional parades and Corsican that develop in the center of the city during the whole week, spectacles with an enormous call. The Contest of Groupings in the Summer theater of the Park Zorrilla, is other of the high points of this holiday for his call and for the high grade of expectation that the participants manage to generate.

Social institutions, as Clubes Unión, Centro Obrero y Centro Uruguay, as this way also night private centers, they are a part of the attraction across big dance holidays.

Week of Melo

With this week one thinks about how to remember annually the anniversary of the city founded on June 27, 1795 by Captain Agustín de la Rosa. Seminars, conferences, exhibitions, spectacles, parades, exchange on nearby municipalities of Uruguay and Rio Grande of the South meet the frame to this Week, which first edition was carried out in 2006 with more 60 activities developed in the programming, of which they informed characterized figures of the political, cultural, sports and social bogey of the department and the country.

Expo Melo

Big sample and festival of the production. Traditional Expo Melo, is from 1935 the big sample of the cattle production of the region and country.

After Expo Prado that is realized in Montevideo, the exhibition that the Agricultural Society of Cerro Largo organizes, it is a reference as for quality of products, prices and popular spectacles.

Producers, cabañeros, merchants and tourists of different points of the country and South of Brazil are present annually at the traditional Exhibition of melo. In the frame of the edition realized in 2004, the Commissariat from his stand, reply of La Estancia el Cordobés, realized the throwing of his Web site.

Event of the lake


From 2006, annually the calendar of events to be realized in Lake Merín, they will be defined in joint form between the Commissariat of Long Hill and the Local Elective Autonomous Meeting of River Branco and announced in the throwing of the period in the spa, (November – December) of every year.

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