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Miner tourism and ecotourism

Deposits of semiprecious stones

Zone Catalan to 60 Km. of the city, km 178 of the Route 30 towards Rivera. We find the quarries that realize the development of the agate deposit and amethysts that characterize this place. They are different those who are in this zone, the most accessible for his proximity to the Route are: for minor road in direction of the people The Stock Exchange to 3 Km. one finds, so called quarry of Lima opencast of agates and amethysts. It is provided with an infrastructure adapted for the visitors where they will be able to appreciate the extraction of this mineral and samples classified under a vast extension.

For the same way to 8 Km. one finds the Quarry ” Mina Las Amatistas “, mixed development opencast and tunnels in basalt. It is provided with an infrastructure adapted for the visitors, offers a MINING ZAFARI in comfortable vans or bus that departs from Montevideo directly to the Mine and/or for routes of the interdepartmental companies that move to the city of Artigas. The visitors will be able to be protagonists with satisfaction of extracting their own favorite stones being able to preserve some of them as memory of his own effort.

Continuing for the same way spending for the people the Stock Exchange to 16 Km. the quarries are of: Enzo Berardi and Andrés Jacketti, both are characterized by the system of development of this mineral in tunnels on basalt, the work only is realized by appropriate machinery and suitable explosives. The visitor will be able to appreciate only the development of this activity in the moment that this one realizes and then in the tunnels construct you there will be able to be observed in the walls of the same ones the beautiful geodes of amethysts, quartzes and agates those that will be carefully extracted for his later exhibition, commercialization and/or industrialization in accordance with his characteristic.

Fighter for Buffaloes

In zones near to Bella Unión, in mounts on the banks of the River Uruguay.


The Cuareim allows to know to from his east up to the city of Artigas. The passage is realized in canoe and covers approximately 110km. The walk has four days of duration and includes camps and stoves. It is realized in week of Tourism. During May they are realized ecocaminatas and he allows to know the beautiful rural scenery of our indigenous mounts and natural rivers, with waters without contaminating; the same one consists of approximately 8km of distance in the zone of Urumbeba. In the rural way, the creeks that furrow the department and the picturesque forests, they make sure hours of direct contact with the nature and ideal conditions for the hunting and the sports fishing.

Virgin of the Thirty three

Sanctum of the Virgin to scarce Km from the city, place of prayer, meditation and withdrawal.



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