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Terminal of Bus `Gral. Artigas´

At the entry of the city of Artigas, more exactly in the property of A.F.E. where it was fulfilling his functions the ancient Station of train, redeems the Terminal of bus ‘General Artigas’ who was inaugurated on 1st of October, 2001.

The building has been remodelled in order to attend to the requirements of the way, receiving the different companies of bus that needed from a place as regarding and as organizer of the functioning and transit of the cars.In the renewed visage of the place, there has been supported the air of the ancient Station for jollification of the inhabitants of the city and visitors of the same one, allowing to mark one earlier and one later in the time.

His place, the characteristics of his structure and of the way that surround her, were indicating it as strategic place to implement a service of this nature.

It is so at present it lodges twelve companies, it relies on with seven platforms for the arrival and exit of the cars and with regard to the human transit six hundred fifty are the passengers who mark his revenue or retreat of the city every day.

Departmental museum

Located in the Building of the Ex-station of AFE (today Terminal of Bus ” Gral. Artigas “) between the streets Luis A. of Blacksmith, Carlos Catalá and Manuel Oribe, opposite to the Small square Andresito. It has the purpose of:

1) Original collections related to the departmental and national history.

2) Zoological collection of indigenous pieces that admit process of taxidermy.

3) Mineralogical collection of the soil artiguense with samples of semiprecious stones of the basin of the Catalan creek.

4) Archaeological collection of Indian traces and of fossils that had seat in our department.

5) Also to exhibit elements of the flora and indigenous fauna and samples of our mineral wealth.

6) Collection of historical elements as calcedonias, rifles and daggers fans of our great-grandmothers, letters and the Record of Foundation of our city. Other elements rescued by our Museum are scrapers, tops, bullets and boleadoras.

Greenforzen S.A.

It is a company which industrial plant is located in the km 625.5 of the National Route Nro. 3. Concerning her there work more than 70 producers of the zone of Bella Unión cultivating throughout the year an area of 500 hectares and a contribution of raw material for the industry of 5000 tons. This surface titles reach as broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, corn, chaucha, weet red pepper, onion, asparagus, strawberry etc., that then are frozen in the industrial plant.The process of frozen, washing consists, cutting, disinfecting, cooking, freezing and packing the different titles. The frozen one realizes for the system of IQF that it does that the vegetables support for the period of 18 months the same characteristics as in his natural state, with the big advantage of the hygiene and practicidad. For this task modern technology, technicians and labour is needed, being used in form zafral up to 300 machinists in the moments of high production. Se producen anualmente 3.500 toneladas de productos congelados que son comercializados individualmente o mezclados en forma de ensaladas. Las mismas se venden bajo la marca CALAGUA en el Mercado Interno o en Brasil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, etc.


Located on route 3 to 5 k.Para to become independent of the alternatives of the climate system of irrigation signed up a revolutionary what from the production of products of beauty they reach the market internacional.240 producers grouped in co-operative cultivate 1.500 hectares of sugar-cane and extract 1.600 of horticultural products finished in another 1.500 hectares. The vegetables are destined in, fresh air to the market internal and frozen to the exportation prepared in another plant industrializadora. The production of the co-operative is realized by an important park of suitable machinery.

Cooperative agrarian Calnu limited north Uruguayan

Industrial plant and Plantations, city of Bella Unión located on Route 3 to 4km of the city. We find a COOPERATIVE Ingenuity CALNU the one that is integrated by 430 farmers who cultivate the sugar-cane, in the zone Northwest of the Country, in areas average of 20 hectares, in they process more than 500 million kilos of cane for oil container, from which there are extracted 54 million kilos of sugar.

Planta industrializadora con una infraestructura adecuada y dotada de una moderna tecnología. La puesta en marcha de este ingenio desde 1970 posibilitó el desarrollo en la zona, un reflejo fiel que impulsó la actividad de CALNU es el aumento de la población en Bella Unión, la creación de nuevos emprendimientos cooperarios, nos referimos a CALAGUA.

Calvinor Vineyard and Wine vault Bella Union S.A.

Located to the north of Uruguay in the neighboring zone with Brazil and Argentina route 30 K 3,5 to 600 km. of the capital Montevideo, cardinal Buenos Aires R. Argentina and I Carry Make happy, been Big River of the South (Federative Republic of the Brazil).

In the map enológico of South America, Uruguay arises as forced point of reference, in spite of his small extension, diverse zones of his territory possess characteristics of the soil and climate ideal for the production of wines of high quality.

The co-operative of products CALVINOR, Northwest of the R.O.U is located in the confluence of the rivers Uruguay and Cuareim, apex., with characteristic of soil and microclimate that they turn to the region into a privileged zone of ideal aptitude for the vitivinicultura.

The entire surface of the vineyard, is 130 hectares, of them 100 correspond to grape for wine and 30 to grape of table. For the production of wines varieties of boughs use vits viníferos fr higher quality: CABERNET SAUVIGNON. MERLOT, SYRAH, SAUVIGNON, CABERNET FRANC, MUSCATEL OF HAMBURG, SANGLOVESSE, STREAMS, CHARDONNAY, CHENIN, RIESLING, PEDRO XIMENES, GEWURSTRAMINER.

For his technology it is to the head in the making of thin wines in Uruguay and along with the best centers vinícolas of the world.


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