Week Artiguense Artigas-Uruguay

Handmade, Industrial and Commercial fair, Artistic Cultural Shows.

Duration: 1 week
Place: to designate
On December to confirm.
Exhibition Family Arbiza in Agricultural Association.
Departmental meeting of Choirs.
Marathon of the city.
Place: to designating
On September.

Carnaval (for calendar) Artigas Uruguay

Corsican Officials for our principal Avenue. They inform Schools of Samba, Walk-ons, Bands of street musicians, Allegorical Cars, Fantasies.Contest of Schools of Samba for Av. Lecueder.

Contest of Bands of street musicians.

In the date that marks the calendar, city of Artigas and city of Bella Unión.

Week of tourism (for calendar)

Artigas Uruguay

500 miles of the North

Cycling: activity ciclística in circuit for the city, with cyclists’ participation of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, places and of the whole Country.Stages: for Routes 4 and 3.

Pickets, Parcerías and Traditionalist Centers of Artigas

They realize Creole activities of jineteadas, tamings and popular singing in the different Pickets: Earth Cowgirl, Oriental Band, The Stove of the Gauchos, Rogantini with artistic activities.

WEEK OF THE HOMELAND (August). Artigas Uruguay


Parade of August 25

Parade of the Traditionalist Groups with the participation of public and private institutions, primary, secondary education and population in general for Avda. Lecueder with approximately 1500 riders.On August.

Tomás Gomensoro

Artigas Uruguay

Celebrations fundacional of Tomás Gomensoro, November

Activities: Handmade fair with artistic cultural Spectacles.

Baltasar Brum Artigas-Uruguay

Week of Tourism

Organized for `Walk-on BLACK SNAKE´.Activities: `FESTIVAL ON THE BANKS OF THE YACUY´- singers’ Participation of the way.

Competences of athletics, marathon, voleyball, etc..

Competition between camps.

Election of Miss and Mr. YACUY.

Declaration of the Independence

A Festival is realized in the Square of the People, it relies on with the singers’ presence of the wayand the Municipal Band of Music.

5th National Meeting of Jineteada


Event that it assembles to more of of 3.000 persons, transmits directly RURAL Radio of MontevideoHe organizes Walk-on ‘ Academicians of the Center ‘.

Holiday of the Heart


Activities: Handmade fair with artistic, cultural spectacles.

Demonstration of Bell tally, Creole activities outdoors.

Bella Unión

Carnival (for calendar).

Parade principal Avenue.

Week of Tourism.

Spa ” LOS PINOS “, camping, tamings, contest of fishing, Folkloric Festival.

Week Anniversary of the city

In May, with diverse activities.


Homage to Carlos Gardel in June.

Week of the “Independence”

Celebrations in homage to Saint Rosa de Lima: Procession, Festival of Choirs “Santa Rosa del Cuareim” and different celebrations in August.

Events of October


Events of November

Festival of Choirs organized by the Municipal Choir, Championship of Basketball and canotaje Anniversary Nautical Club.

Events of December

Exhibition of the Workshops that work in House of the Culture, festivals of dances in charge of the School ” S.B.R. ” and ” Bella Unión Dance ” and Championship of international summer football (nocturne).Periodically exhibitions realize in Room Pro-museum, functions of theater, demonstration and Championship of boxing and festivals of tamings.
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