Nautic sports

The particular and varied beauty of the Uruguayan coastline is ideal for water sports frame. A long string of beaches with different features allows you to find the best places for every sport and every level, from the calm waters of Montevideo and Canelones to practice kitesurfing or kayak up the fiercest beaches of Cabo Polonio and Santa Teresa in the Atlantic coast of Rocha, sought by lovers of the most advanced surf.

What matters is that close to where you are vacationing in Uruguay, you will find a place for your adrenaline, whether you take the equipment or table or even if you want to rent it. The offer is varied throughout the Uruguay

Surf in Uruguay – One of the most famous water sports by the Uruguayan waves. Beyond being a summer sport, surf in the world has developed in great shape becoming not only a recreational sport for tourists but in some cases as a way of life. The Uruguay is no exception for the sport of the waves surely never run out of followers.

Windsurfing in Uruguay – This sport took a lot of popularity in Uruguay 15 years ago when many people jumped into the water to practice. At the first time the aim was to achieve a high speed flat water shuttle that mode yet turned in another few years in much more daring and adrenaline when they began using waves to perform spectacular jumps and tricks too.

Kayak in Uruguay – Kayaking allows tight integration with nature. While not the most popular water sports in Uruguay today the kayak is widespread and practiced both in calm waters of the Uruguayan coast and in the rivers of Uruguay. They come for one, two or even three paddlers. It’s easy to find rental places and teaching in Uruguay during the beach season.

Flysurf in Uruguay – The kitesurfing (or kiteboarding) met in Uruguay no more than one or two years ago. However despite his short time on the beach, it has spread in great shape especially in Montevideo and Maldonado, due to its spectacular and elegance.

Why not spend the day in a lake?
The most beautiful ones are to be found in the east of the country, especially for those who love water sports such as jet ski, water ski, windsurf, sailing.

Laguna Merín in Uruguay
This resort in the Department of Cerro Largo, just 20 kilometres from the city of Rio Branco lies on the lake of the same name. It has been declared World Fresh Water reserve by the FAO. An extremely quiet place, with good sandy beaches, lots of shade and cottages with coloured roofs.

Laguna del Sauce in Uruguay
With its 5000 hectares is the largest fresh water reserve in Maldonado. It is extremely deep: around 7 metres near its shores and up to 13 metres in the centre. Suitable for all water sports except those engine-driven, and there is also good fishing.

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