Termas de Arapey. Salto. Uruguay

The Spa of Arapey is to 80 km from the city of Salto, in the Uruguayan coast and to 530 of Buenos Aires, Argentine. Several swimming pools, hotels and bungalows with thermal waters, cinema, sports courts, and restaurants, they complete the local infrastructure, doing one of the biggest attractions of the Argentine and Uruguayan tourist, especially in autumn, winter and spring.

Termas del Dayman. Uruguay
Located to 10 minutes of the center the city of Salto on the route 3 in the km 487 and to 440 Km from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with an infrastructure of bungalows, hotels, restaurants, courts of paddle and tennis, swimming pools of several temperatures, with a maxim of 44oC, the biggest temperature in thermal waters in Uruguay.

Termas de Guaviyu

The Spa of Guaviyú is located to the north of the city of Paysandú, to 60 km from the head of the international bridge Paysandú-Colón in the km 441.500 of the Route 3 on the creek that gives the name and to 400 of Bs. Aires.

Termas de San Nicanor

The Spa of S. Nicanor is located in the limit of the departments of Paysandú and Salto, to 20 Km. of the city of Salto. Joining in the 485 km of the national route Nro. 3 for the way to Tierras Coloradas and happening for the cave of the Priet Pio, you gain access to the Spa. There you will meet 860 hectares of forests and natural field, and four lakes.

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