One of the principal tourist attractions of the Uruguay are the ranchs. In them you can marvel with the scenery full of big prairies and of hills.

There a big variety of activities for spend your time, undoubtedly is the perfect place to rest from the daily routine.

It is unthinkable to happen a few days in the Uruguayan field without riding on any of the magnificent horses of the country.

For the calmest people, is possible to enjoy walks for the field, also there can be learned many things of the rural activity.

And in general there is always a creek or a lagoon where you can fishing, swimming or make nautical sports.

The ranch are disfrutables during the whole year. In winter, his big fireplace turn a cozy ambience for the reading and the games of lounge; in summer, the fresh shade of his verandas and galleries allows to enjoy the rest in the hours of the burning sun.

All these are qualities so that the visitors prefer the ranch for go to rest.


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