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Focuses on Uruguay culture, wilderness adventures, personal growth and learning new ways to live on the planet. Eco-tourism in Uruguay is defined as travel to our country where the fauna, flora and cultural heritage are the primary attractions.

Ecotourism is a form of nature tourism. IUCN has adopted the following definition: It is the environmentally responsible form of tourism, visiting natural areas consisting of relatively undisturbed, to enjoy, appreciate and study the natural attractions of these areas, as well as any cultural manifestation that can be found in it, through a process that promotes conservation, has low environmental impact and promotes cultural and economic benefits of local populations.

The nature tourism activities have been growing in quantity and quality, being a global reality and our country. Uruguay has wonderful places to practice activities that make this type of tourism, especially eco-modality which is part of the proposed WILDLIFE Uruguay, Uruguayan Society for the Conservation of Nature.

Uruguay has four lines of action: Research, Conservation, Development and Capacity Building and Education. Framed in the latter, is the proposed ecotourism Wild Walks, educational tool and through the organization to help achieve their conservation goals.

The model walks from South Africa. In Uruguay, was designed by park ranger John Charles Gambarotta, vice president of the International Ranger Federation (periods from 2001 to 2003 and 2003 – 2006) and Christian La Cava, Nature Tourism Guide – provider of ecotourism and adventure tourism SHIPPING URUGUAY.

Wild Walks are looking for:
– Promote awareness among people of our country through greater contact with nature;
– Explore the wildest places in Uruguay, in order to know our cultural and natural heritage, contributing to their conservation;
– Get comments and information that assist in the present and future research in protected areas.
– Promote the development of the locality where the walks are performed.
– Offer the participant an experience that may never have had in your life.

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