Salsas from Uruguay

Salsas of Uruguay

Uruguay tipical dishes

Salsa Fácil

100 grs oils,
To put in a hot frying pan oil, to add a ham cut by cubes. To roast and add mashed potatoes of tomatoes. When it will be warm, to add a cream of milk and to extinguish fire. Add salt and pepper

Salsa de Atún

1 tins of a tuna, 1 tins of a cream of milk, 1 tins of sauce pomarola, salt and pepper in taste.
To place all in a mixer and it is good to process. To warm on small fire and to add as a garnish to a spaghetti

Chimichurri Sauce

make chimichuri sauce
The chimichurri sauce is a sauce with to much spicy and quite liquid.
There are different recetes how to prepare chimichurri, but the fundamental ingredients to create it are parsley, garlic, vinegar, red pepper and a little salt.
The chimichurri served to accompany roast or marinating fish and poultry. This is a typical sauce of Uruguay whose quality is to enhance the flavor of the meat.
For prepare the Chimichurri Sauce (Salda Chimichurri) you need.

4 tablespoons of garlic.
4 tablespoons parsley.
1 tablespoon oregano.
1 tablespoon full of ground pepper.
1/2 liter of water.
A container.

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