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Asado is a popular traditional dish in Uruguay, a kind of barbecued beef.

Beef is fundamental to Uruguayan cuisine and the country is one of the world’s top consumers of red meat per capita.
Popular foods include beef platters, steak sandwiches (chivito), pastas, barbecued kidneys and sausages.

Locally produced soft drinks, beer, and wine are commonly served, as is clericó, a mixture of fruit juice and wine.Uruguay and Argentina share a national drink called mate.

Grappamiel, made with alcohol and honey, is served in the cold mornings of autumn and winter to warm up the body.

Uruguay Food

Often locals can be seen carrying leather cases containing a thermos (vacuum bottle) of hot water, the traditional hollowed gourd called a mate or guampa, a metal straw called a bombilla, and the dried yerba mate leaves.
Sweet treats, including flans with dulce de leche (knowly too with the name of milk candy) and alfajores (shortbread cookies), are favourites for desserts or afternoon snacks.

Other Uruguayan dishes include:

morcilla sweet, a type of blood sausage cooked with ground orange fruit, orange peel and walnuts; milanesa, a breaded veal cutlet similar to the Italian cotoletta; snacks such as olímpicos (club sandwiches), húngaras (spicy sausage in a hot dog roll), and masas surtidas (bite-sized pastries).

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