Parties in Uruguay

Celebration dates in Uruguay

In Uruguay, in every department to every month many holidays are realized during the whole year. Where they all meet to celebrate every event.

Each of them has his characteristic that distinguishes it from the rest, depends wherefrom this is the parties that is going to live.

If it is located in Rivera in February, he is going to enjoy the carnival, which is known by his big parades and typical dances as the samba and the candombe.

The week of Rivera together whit the carnival, constitute the events emblematic of Rivera, and the frontier region habitually removed from the big centers of tourist and cultural attraction of the country and from Brazil. The Departamental Governmet and of the Organizing Commission, they think about how to give to every edition an innovate and creative profile.

In the Department of Paysandu, in April The Week of the Beer is carried out. Who stands out for his diversity of shows that go from the rock to the traditional folcklore.

The people of the whole country meet to the show because it is of the principal ones in the country.

The property in the one that is located, is provided also with a big fair of exhibitions and selling of all kinds of crafts.

But if on the other hand he wants a calmer show in March, in Tacuarembo The Native Cowgirl is carried out, it is the event in which one emphasizes the image of the gaucho and of the Creole traditions.

And it is carried out in the Lagoon of the Laundresses. There develop a lot of activities as the “Criollas” ones, which are competences demonstration of the rural skills.

In the department of Durazno two important parties are carried out throughout the year. One is for the young people especially Pilsen Rock, during a weekend in October.

In that it is possible to enjoy many groups of music, local and regional. And where the people of the city, sell diverse articles, way to the park where the event is realized.

Also it is possible to enjoy in February, of the National Festival of Folcklore, called ‘ the Whole Uruguay sings in Durazno’. At this festival there are present the most important singers of the popular Uruguayan music.

In the department of Lavalleja there are three very important parties.

One of these is The week of Lavalleja, where for nine days of October, show in the center of the city, a big Fair of Art of varied type and also a stalls where every night national and regional singers act.

It is known ‘ Night of the Bonfire’ with the presence of between 60 thousand and 80 thousand persons.
Other one of the holidays is ‘ Mines and April ‘. two days of an intense rhythm, where is mixed the knowledge of the riders, the traditional music, and the guitar to delight thousands of persons who enjoy this event.

And finally we meet the Party of Salus. It is carried out in March, a weekend to contact the nature, where a lot of activities and ecological walks do.

Finally another place that is known by big variety of parties and cultural activities is the capital. In Montevideo there are realized many shows for the children and for the adults.

In September, since for many years the expo meadow is realized.
It is a traditional party and it known by his gastronomic variety, his music, and because the people of the whole country meet there.
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Also the “X Party”, this one in particular is for the young people. Thousands of young people meet to enjoy this big show that is provided with the participation of many national and international singers.

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