Learn and study Spanish in Uruguay

Learn and study Spanish in Uruguay

Uruguay is a country which every year grows up as a destination for hundreds of students who choose it to complete their University studies while they study and learn Spanish language: speaking and listening Spanish language in classrooms and in the real life of Uruguay.

Uruguay is considered as one of the safest countries in Latin America with a population of highly developed cultural level. That’s why every day Uruguayan universities accommodate students from all over the world. In Uruguay there are great universities and fabulous Spanish School where you can learn all the subjects such as History, Math, Science, Medicine, Architecture, Biology and of course you can learn Spanish language.

Spanish Courses in Uruguay


If you learn Spanish in Uruguay you will have the opportunity of doing an intensive Spanish language course and living in a Host family so that you experience in this beautiful country of South America is rewarding and you can definitely learn Spanish. If you come to learn Spanish in Uruguay you also will have the possibility of taking tours in Uruguay visiting amazing beaches in Punta del este and Atlantida, hills in Piriapolis, rivers and historical sites in Colonia.

10 reasons for learning Spanish in Spanish School with a Spanish course:

1 ) Learn Spanish is no more difficult to speak and write than other languages.

2 ) On a day to day, whether you’re traveling, working or surfing the Internet, learning Spanish will open new opportunities.

3 ) To learn Spanish means to enter into contact with a language with a long cultural tradition and you can enter the world of Cervantes, Garcilaso de la Vega, Adolfo Becher, Picasso, Diego Velasquez, Antoni Gaudí, Granados and film directors such as Carlos Saura, Julio Medem and Pedro Almodóvar.

4 ) In many regions, Spanish speakers account for the largest percentage of tourists.

5 ) Learning Spanish provides a deeper insight into regions that play a vital role in economic life and its history and culture.

6 ) Spanish speaking and understanding will deepen your knowledge of Latin culture.

7 ) Speak and understand Spanish will improve your employment opportunities. Did you know that most companies prefer someone with knowledge of Spanish because this ability speaks volumes about their willingness to accept challenges beyond meeting the language requirements for middle school or college.


8 ) There are over thirty million Spanish speakers in the U.S. and is expected within 50 years will be the mother tongue of half the inhabitants of that country.

9 ) Spanish is one of the languages most frequently used in trade and Latin America and it is becoming a vital region for business.

10 ) Spanish is the language of 350 million people worldwide, the second language of international concern, the official language of twenty-one countries and one of the official languages of the European Union, UNESCO, GATT, MERCOSUR and many other international organizations.

More information for learning Spanish language:

For these reasons, learn Spanish language is an important skill for both personally and professionally. Learn Spanish will help you a lot to develop better business and know people from other culture. Besides the Spanish Schools are a great opportunity to make new friends, travel to amazing tourist destinations and learn about a new culture.

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