Beach of Uruguay

The principal characteristic of the Uruguay is that it is possible to find a very big diversity of coasts and beaches. Be already from the Rio de la Plata or of the oceanic coast his beaches are beautiful and where you can enjoy the sand, the sea and the sun.

The most visited spas:

In addition to his beauty, the oceanic beaches of La Paloma has a series of characteristic that distinguish from the rest. In this sense we might say that they are for all the pleasures, from the calmest and quiet beaches, up to the the most stimulant and waved for the waves, of thin and thick sand, with rocks or without them.

Balconada beach, is one of the most famous and visited beaches of La Paloma. The zone is located towards the lighthouse, is most met by the young people, because when the waves are good, it is suitable for the practice of surfing because it is a deep and steep beach, where the waves practically form and burst in the shore. Another zone shaped by the arches, is calmer but with similar characteristics, this zone is suitable for all the ages.

Balconada is a beach that never rests, when the evening comes, multitudes concentrate on her waiting to see incomparable sunset.

Following in the department of Rocha other of the famous spas is La Pedreda, a very rustic place as Cabo Polonio and Punta del Diablo but with an incomparable beauty.

In the department of Maldonado we have the most important tourist center of the Uruguay and of South America: “Punta del Este”. In the summer there come thousands of tourists of all parts of the world to marvel with his beaches, commercial centers, his night and the whole glamour of the famous artists of Rio de la Plata.

Spa excellent, natural and sophisticated, at present it is provided with a Boulevard, sumptuous typical houses of spa, modern buildings of big height, a port with big infrastructure and capacity of mooring. One of the strongest points of the city is the Gorlero Avenue, the principal street of the spa.

Punta del Este beaches:

The Brava Beach, the Brava beach is from the most well-known and crowded beaches of Punta del Este, is characterized by the sculpture of The Hand that emerges of the sand, constructed in 1982 by the chilean artist Mario Irrazábal. Is a beach of thick sand and dangerous sea. The waves that there form allow the practice of the surfing. Also, is provided with services of rent of sunshades and also places to eat.

The Mansa Beach

The Mansa Beach spreads from the Chilean up to the port of Punta del Este. It is a big bay of calm waters and thick sand. His depth changes; it is really deep in the Chilean and more and more flat as it approaches the port of Punta del Este. There offer services of rent of nautical motorbikes, elastic beds, etc. It is an ideal beach to practise the fishing of pejerreyes on “flor”.

Other of the important spas in Maldonado is Piriapolis. Is a city more relaxed than Punta del Este. Surrounded by forests of pines and eucaliptus, the city enjoys beaches of white sand and calm waters.

On the other hand going out of the oceanic coasts, we meet the beaches of the Rio de la Plata. The Costa de Oro, it is one of the principal tourist Uruguayan zones, as for internal tourism, although his principal spas Salinas, Atlantida, Parque del Plata, La Floresta and Costa Azul, between others, are visited by many foreigners who choose these spas, for the calmness, safety and rest that offer.

They are familiar spas adapted to the needs of the middle class, with all the serviceability and services of the modern world. As principal attraction, offers long and wide beaches of white and very thin sand. After the spectacular summer evenings, in which the sun hides after the sea, the night presents variety of options. Being the principal center of the night action Atlantida, that is provided with an important gastronomic variety, a Casino, discs and bars for the young people. In his different spas free shows can be seen outdoors during the whole summer.

La Floresta, is the place chosen by many uruguayan to rest during the summer. Also it meet argentinians and paraguayan that look for the calmness of his paved streets and his sandy beaches.

Parque del Plata, has a beautiful beach, with white well and thin sand, dunes of big size and waters that are the delight of adults and boys. They are ideal beaches for whom they look for the peace and the calmness, as this way also for those who enjoy the practice of sports. Parque del Plata is characterized for having houses of medium size with beautiful gardens and great forestation.


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